Police are scrutinizing the home of a missing preschooler, Cleo Smith, for evidence of intrusion.

Police searched Cleo Smith’s mother’s house, desperately seeking new evidence of the girl’s disappearance.

Forensic officers are at Cleo Smith’s mother’s home looking for potential evidence that could help police solve a mysterious case.

Police officers are reportedly looking for signs of invasion, looking for evidence of someone lurking nearby in the days leading up to Cleo’s disappearance.

There is a green spray on the fence line to detect fingerprints.

A forensic van is parked outside the house and police are ready to collect evidence found.

There are several police officers on the scene and they are currently focusing only on the outside and surroundings of the house.

Cleo and her mother, Erie, lived in Carnarvon, a small coastal town on the north coast of Western Australia, before her 4-year-old child went missing last Saturday.

There are 10 to 20 registered sex offenders living in the Carnerbon area, but police said this week there were no suspects.

Cleo disappeared from a family tent at the coastal Blowholes campsite in MacLeod near Carnerbon and was reported missing around 6am last Saturday.

After a week of searching the rugged terrain for preschoolers, police confirmed that she was likely taken out of the tent.

The zipper on the tent was open higher than Cleo could reach. Her sleeping bag was also missing.

Detectives have revealed that there are still witnesses from crime scenes that have not yet appeared.

Police believe that some people are staying at the campsite, not revealing their identities, and urging them to contact a mysterious camper.

Authorities are now calling on the wider community to stop searching the campsite area and help find the missing girl.

A message has been broadcast to Western Australian stations calling on residents to provide information to assist the police.

“This is an urgent announcement from the WA police. The police need your help to find Cleo Smith,” the announcement said.

“Early on Saturday, October 16th, a little Cleo disappeared from his tent at a blowhole near Carnerbon.

“Currently, the state government is offering a $ 1 million reward. Can you help me find her?

“The four-year-old was wearing pink coveralls. She was wrapped in a sleeping bag. Now she’s gone.

“Help us find her. Call the crime stopper for any information.”

Police are asking anyone within a 1000 km radius of the Blowholes campsite to send a dashcam and security footage.

Images of motel check-in and common areas, service stations, fast food and bakeries, truck stops and camp areas, children’s clothing stores, pharmacies, cosmetics and camp stores are especially important.

The video or image requested is from 6:00 pm on Friday, October 15th to 6:00 pm on Sunday, October 17th.

The image can be Upload online Or talked with a crime stopper at 1800333000.

If you have other information, we recommend that you call the police at 131444.

Initially published as follows Forensic police investigating Cleo Smith’s house for evidence of intrusion

Police are scrutinizing the home of a missing preschooler, Cleo Smith, for evidence of intrusion.

Source link Police are scrutinizing the home of a missing preschooler, Cleo Smith, for evidence of intrusion.

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