Pocket-sized venue SUV adds some tricks

When it was first introduced to Hyundai’s pint-sized SUV, called the venue, it wasn’t a love at first sight case.

The prospect of spending a whole week behind the steering wheel of this tiny little Korean machine that looks like it should be driven by Mr. Bean didn’t set up pulse racing exactly.

But little by little, this unpretentious little car-a new entry point in the modern range-began to show its unexpected appeal.

The venue (yes, that’s an interesting name) replaces the accent hatchback, which has long been used as the most affordable model in the Hyundai family, and attracts first-time buyers to the shiny granite of South Korea’s Marche. A chrome showroom that gives an important task.

Given the exponential growth of SUVs as a percentage of the market, the venue also arrives as one of the most affordable SUVs available, aimed at seducing first-time buyers (entry). The price of the level is just over $ 20). While developing the Hyundai SUV family, we will increase brand loyalty.

However, while Hyundai’s sophisticated sedans and hatchbacks appear to be steadily growing with each subsequent model, the venue (at least at first glance) looks like a smaller version of the more substantive.

The venue first broke the cover in 2019, but there is no doubt that the COVID-19 turmoil in the automotive industry has somewhat frustrated sales. As a result, Hyundai decided to abolish the basic “Go” variant and upgrade the specifications of all three models to update the venue range.

The addition of Apple CarPlay, along with alloy wheels and, above all, heated door mirrors, adds value and appeal to the $ 20,690 entry-level variation now simply referred to as the venue.

The Midrange Active ($ 22,620 for a 6-speed manual) gets a 17-inch alloy compared to the lean 15-inch base model. Expanding the budget to $ 26,490, the elite will add a sunroof with a push-button start and a smart key.

All three models offer the same 1.6-liter engine and 6-speed manual or automatic transmission options (self-shifter is a $ 2000 premium, but the only option in the elite).

In this price range, Korean models are well below price, but the venue is likely to compete directly with Chinese options such as the popular MG-ZS and Haval’s Jolion. Toyota Yaris Cross is also part of this mix, along with Kia Stonic, the venue’s Korean cousin.

The venue buyers are mostly young, mostly female and price sensitive, but are also attractive for the higher ride quality SUV configurations and crisp interiors offered by Chinese models.

The higher spec venue model will also appeal to young urban couples looking for a small city runner bout, perhaps as a second car. And in that sense, it fits the bill effectively.

The first impression was overwhelming, but the venue quickly claimed to be a surprisingly sturdy and reliable little machine, especially as the base model looked a bit awkward with its small wheels and box-shaped design.

The interior looks good and is comfortable, and modern times emphasize the addition of premium cross seats to this model. It’s laid out wisely, and with a push, it adapts five agile young people to its understated dimension. However, it is best if you are already familiar with each other.

The engine is a bit revs under intense acceleration, is harsh, and is combined with a 6-speed automatic that is generally suitable for the job at hand.

Hard plastics tend to look a bit cheaper and cause slightly above average road noise, but the interior feels comfortable, fresh and modern.

However, the unfavorable first impression was gradually replaced by the car’s predictable, well-solved, nimble driving habits.

The venue will also offer a generous and surprisingly extensive electronic safety suite for vehicles in this segment, with all three models providing lane keeping assistance, pedestrian detection, high beam assistance, and tire pressure monitoring. The base model has fewer features than the more expensive models and you can continue to use the color touch screen.

Active models have parking sensors and cornering lights, and elite satellite navigation with live traffic updates, blind spot monitoring, and cross-traffic alerts can justify extra spending.

The venue is a sturdy, small machine that feels very balanced and solid at highway speeds. Impressive for vehicles that are not much larger than a bathtub. Their same dimensions make it easy to operate and park in the context of the city center.

The 90kw and 151Nm of the engine have limits, especially if you have a few passengers, but you can use the “sports” mode to get welcome acceleration and responsiveness.

Yes, it looks a bit annoying, but it’s a trade-off made more palatable by the venue’s solid build quality and impressive safety features.

And of course, there is also a price. It’s a place where the venue can definitely win the fan share.

As they say, don’t judge the book on the cover.

Hyundai Venue

* How big is it? Although it is a pint-sized subcompact SUV, it has a square-style design, and although it is small in size, it is surprisingly spacious.

* How fast is it? Not at all, but still a lot of fun to drive. Hyundai does not offer 0-100km / h time.

* What is your thirst? Not particularly impressive on small machines. 7.2L / 100km in the automatic version, slightly less in the manual version.

* ikura? With a starting price of just over $ 20 and decent specs and SUV appeal, it’s worth a look for young buyers.

Pocket-sized venue SUV adds some tricks

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