Piastri participates in F1 Young Driver Test

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Australia’s Oscar Piastri will take part in his first official F1 test as he competes in the Young Driver Test at the end of next season.

The traditional postseason Abu Dhabi test is the first time an Alpine Academy driver is driving a current spec 2021 Alpine A521 machine.

The recently signed 2022 Alpine Reserve driver will begin his role during the day’s Young Driver test as he works towards becoming Australia’s latest Formula 1 driver alongside Daniel Ricciardo. ..

“I’m very excited to drive in the Young Driver Test,” he said. “It’s almost the same as the first official day of next year’s new job as a team reserve driver.

“A day in an F1 car is pretty special, but it’s very cool to drive the current driver with other drivers in a somewhat competitive environment.

“Thanks to the team that gave me this opportunity, I’m certainly looking forward to it and working on a very complete test program for the day.”

Laurent Rossi, CEO of Alpine, expressed his joy in defending Piastri, a driver he was impressed with several times.

“Oscar has had another great Formula Two season this year and has shown his class again. We have had enough of this Young Driver Test appearance,” Rossi said.

“This test will be part of the ongoing development as Oscar becomes the team’s reserve driver in 2022 and is preparing to assist the development team on and off the track with Fernando and Esteban.

“In parallel, as Oscar gets used to the current car, we are already looking forward to 2022 with the current driver to experience the new 18-inch tires next year.

“It’s a good opportunity to learn in every way to prepare for next year’s challenges.”

Abu Dhabi’s Piastri will have a tough week after winning the 2021 FIA Formula 2 Championship as a rookie, winning the 2020 Formula 3 Championship and the 2019 Renault Euro Cup.

So far this season, Piastri has won five times this season, with Prema Racing teammate Robert Shwartzman scoring 65 points in the final round with his consistent scoring finish. There is a difference of 51.5 points.

Piastri will drive the race-winning A521 Alpine, but current drivers Fernando Alonso and Esteban Ocon will also return to the track after the season with the new RS18 18-inch Pirelli tires two years ago. .. Pirelli tire test.

Esteban grabs the steering wheel on the first day and Fernando takes over on the second day.

Piastri participates in F1 Young Driver Test

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