Pharrell Williams and Marc Jacobs pay tribute to Virgil Abloh

Pharrell Williams and Marc Jacobs have led a homage to the late Virgil Abloh.

The 41-year-old fashion muse died tragically after a secret battle against a rare form of cancer.

The designer was best known as Louis Vuitton’s artistic director-the role that made history when he took over from Kim Jones in 2018 was the first African-American to direct a luxury French fashion house. Did-and CEO Off-White of the Milan label.

Virgil “bravely fought a rare and aggressive form of cancer, angiosarcoma.”

He was diagnosed in 2019 and continued to work in fashion heroically, receiving “many challenging treatments”.

He left behind his wife Shannon Abloh and his two children, Low Abloh and Gray Abloh.

A statement on Virgil’s Instagram page states:

“He has survived by his beloved wife Shannon Abloh, children Low Abloh and Gray Abloh, sister Edwina Abloh, parents Nee and Eunice Abloh, and many dear friends and colleagues.

“For more than two years, Virgil bravely fought a rare and aggressive form of cancer, angiosarcoma.

“Since his diagnosis in 2019, he has personally chosen to endure the fight and has received numerous challenging treatments while directing several key institutions across fashion, art and culture.

“Through all, his work ethic, infinite curiosity, and optimism were never shaken. Virgil opened the door for his craft dedication and others, with art. Driven by his mission to pave the way for greater equality in design.

“He often says,’Everything I do is for myself at the age of 17,’ and I deeply believe in the power of art to inspire future generations.”

The family sought privacy while “sad and celebrating” the life of the fashion icon.

They concluded that: “We thank you for your love and support, and we seek privacy when we mourn and celebrate the life of Virgil.”

Virgil was trained as an architect and became a pioneer in off-white and groundbreaking street fashion founded in 2012.

He became popular when he landed an internship at Fendi in 2009 with rap superstar Kanye West, and they continued to work together.

And Farrell, a 48-year-old musician and style icon who had a broken heart, was one of the first to pay homage to Virgil.

He writes: Virgil You were a kind, generous, thoughtful and creative genius. Your work as a human being and your work as a spiritual being will live forever. Send love and light to your wife, children, family, and people during the day you are with the Master now, shine. “

Fashion legend Marc Jacobs tweeted:

“My thoughts and prayers are directed at his family and loved ones. Dear Virgil, may you rest in peace and power.”

Actor Riz Ahmed, 38, praised Virgil for pushing the boundaries and encouraging others to “rethink what’s possible.”

He writes: Cultural expansion and game changes. Thank you for everything you have done to support a lot of people and the way you encouraged us to rethink what is possible. (Sic) “

And tennis ace Venus Williams, 41, wrote: No. “

Pharrell Williams and Marc Jacobs pay tribute to Virgil Abloh

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