Pfizer expects $ 45 billion in vaccine sales in 2021 and is flagging a third dose

Pfizer’s decision to approve a third dose earlier this month has garnered criticism from US health regulators that there is not yet enough data to indicate that booster shots are needed. Since then, US Health Organization scientists have been discussing additional doses for people with weakened immunity.

Meanwhile, billions of people in other countries are still waiting for the first COVID-19 shot.

Even without boosters, the company’s 2021 sales forecast is expected to be even higher, as it accounts for only 2.1 billion doses promised to the country out of the 3 billion planned this year.

Pfizer’s share price soared as it boosted the outlook for vaccine sales in

Pfizer said it has shipped more than a billion vaccines since December. US pharmaceutical companies record most of the total sales from vaccines and split costs and profits 50-50 with German partners.

Pfizer, whose shots were approved in the United States, Europe and elsewhere around the world in December 2020, places new orders as rivals such as AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson face manufacturing and safety hurdles. I got it.

Pfizer is also competing with Moderna, a US mRNA vaccine manufacturer. This maker couldn’t expand production as quickly as its much larger rivals.

Last week, J & J forecast annual sales of the COVID-19 vaccine at $ 2.5 billion, while Moderna forecasts $ 19.2 billion.

Pfizer and BioNTech will test next month a version of the vaccine specifically designed to adopt the rapidly prevailing variant of Delta, with the first batch already in production, Pfizer said. Stated. This variant now accounts for more than 80% of the new COVID-19 cases in the United States and is predominant in many other countries.

The US Food and Drug Administration recently requested Moderna to scale up pediatric trials.

Bourla said he hopes the company will be able to meet the schedule for applying for EUA vaccines for children under the age of 12 in September, despite the FDA’s contact with new research requirements. rice field.


“We haven’t changed our expectations right now,” Bula said. “If you need to do more in less time, try to do it.”

Pfizer also raised its overall profit estimate for the full year with strong sales of the anticoagulant Elikis and the anticancer drug Ebrance, which it shares with Bristol Myers Squibb.

According to Mizuho analyst Vamil Divan, vaccines have helped drive most of the company’s forecasts, but Pfizer’s core business is also growing.

Pfizer currently forecasts full-year adjusted earnings of $ 3.95 to $ 4.05 per share, up from its previous forecast of $ 3.55 to $ 3.65.


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Pfizer expects $ 45 billion in vaccine sales in 2021 and is flagging a third dose

Source link Pfizer expects $ 45 billion in vaccine sales in 2021 and is flagging a third dose

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