Peter Dutton warns about “next step” if China invades Taiwan

Senator Wong counterattacked on Twitter, accusing Mr. Dutton of auditioning for Scott Morrison’s replacement as prime minister.

“Looking over Morrison’s shoulders, we can expect even more desperate political tactics, but it’s the Australians who don’t get the leadership they deserve while they’re fighting each other,” she said. Tweeted.

While the current debate was about Taiwan, Mr. Dutton said the analysis “must be more honest” and needs to look at “horrible prices” for both action and omission.

Beijing has threatened to forcibly seize Taiwan as needed, but said its purpose was to “peaceful unification.”

“result [of a war over Taiwan] It’s going to be terrible and disastrous … but likewise you need to think about what the next step is. Will the occupation and unification satisfy the Chinese government, or will it move to the Senkaku Islands and now hit a Japanese ship? “Mr. Dutton said.

“Will it stop in Taiwan, or is there a rapidly changing new regional order that the country will sign up for?”


Mr Dutton said countries would need to sign a Belt and Road global infrastructure program with a military dimension if China occupies more territory.

“If Taiwan is regained, as it is in Hong Kong, we need to ask ourselves what the Senkaku Islands will be next and what is our relationship with other countries in the Indo-Pacific,” he said. rice field.

“They sign up for BRI [Belt and Road Initiative] And BRI will be a military-trade relationship … and it will be military damage [of Australia] As long-term, perhaps short-term, and perhaps medium-term as our economic stocks.

“That’s why it’s important to be very honest with the Australian people.”

Mr Dutton said Australians were watching the Chinese government engage in “more vigilant” activities such as “occupying, forging and militarizing” the South China Sea and economic coercion against Australia.

“Australian people expect the government to speak up about the challenges facing our country,” he said. “Don’t lock them in from difficult problems or insult their intellect, as Paul Keating did here a few weeks ago.

“Both the Prime Minister and I talked about how the times we lived were reflected in the 1930s. It would be foolish to repeat the mistakes of the 1930s.”


But Mr. Dutton said the region is “not an inevitable path to conflict” and that “good faith” countries need to be assured that they are “away from the surface of the cliff.”

A spokesperson for the Chinese embassy said Mr. Dutton “preached his strange misunderstandings about China’s foreign policy, distorted China’s efforts to protect sovereignty and territorial integrity, and Australians about regional conditions and priorities. Is misleading and instigating conflicts and divisions between people and the nation. “

“If the Australian Government develops a national strategy based on such visionless analysis and outdated spirit, China-Australia relations will gain momentum or the overall interests of regional countries, including Australia, will be further promoted. I can’t think of it. “

Opposition defense spokesman Brendan O’Connor said Dutton had adopted “a kind of new domino theory.” This was “a little turmoil by the Minister of Defense.”

“I don’t think he should suggest that China is making a claim across the region for some reason,” he said. “What evidence does he have?”

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Peter Dutton warns about “next step” if China invades Taiwan

Source link Peter Dutton warns about “next step” if China invades Taiwan

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