Perth Men’s Red Rooster Chicken Wings Eating Splits TikTok

A 30-year-old Perth man quickly gained a bad reputation after showing off an interesting and somewhat “gross” way of eating chicken wings on TikTok.

It was a complete coincidence for Seba Mosaev to become a spokesperson for how to eat chicken wings.

“I didn’t really want to be a food lover. It’s not me. I’m a trade wedding photographer,” he told

However, a 30-year-old Perth man has always been a fan of chicken wings and got a unique way to eat them when he visited the United States a few years ago.

“We were eating in a bar like Varsity and saw their big fan Tsubasa and decided to go.” How can I make these bothersome and reduce chores? “

“And I just said, why don’t you just pull out the bones?”

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Mosaev later learned that other wing followers were eating this way – grab the base where the bones of the two wings join and strip the meat with their mouth or before digging the wings 2 Remove one bone.

But he knew it was “things, but not really big,” and that’s why he urged him to make a demo video earlier this year.

“I was with my wife, in a restaurant, they had wings, and I said,” Oh, cool, I’m going to do that bone, but let’s make it TikTok. ” It was like, “he said.

“She recorded that I was doing it, then I left it, posted it, and after an hour there were 60,000 views, and I was like” what? “. “

Mr. Mosaev already had a lot of support, Ticktaku, He didn’t expect his video on how to eat wings to blow up like it did.

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He then added a clip showing his unique way of eating wings. This is the same part that fascinates and surprises people.

“It’s a talent and a gift,” writes one.

“I haven’t eaten meat for three years, but now I just want to see you eating chicken wings,” said another comment.

“This is one of the life hacks I didn’t know about,” commented one person.

“Is it magic? What the hell is that,” wrote another shocked person.

But the most pressing question was, are you really eating cartilage?

“This really makes people really terrible from that watch because you can’t believe you’re eating cartilage,” Mosaev said with a laugh.

“I was originally from Russia and moved here when I was seven … I saw my mother eating wings and drumsticks, she was eating bones and no cartilage left. did.”

He admitted that the cartilage was “a little chewy”, but he couldn’t get it enough.

“The textures are a bit different. It’s just a bonus bit to me, but it completely surprises people, especially when they’re afraid of video crunches,” Mozhaev said.

Mosaev demonstrated the chicken wing’s dietary skills in a new video to work with Red Rooster to promote the new Spicy Buttermilk Wing. This is a fast food restaurant buttermilk wing coated with Sichuan sauce and added a kick. ..

“They are there with some of the best wings I had from a fast food restaurant,” he said of the new wings.

“I’m very noisy with my food. It had to be cooked well and there had to be a decent amount of meat and they checked all the boxes.”

How to eat chicken wings

According to Mozhaev, the first step is to make sure the wings are at edible temperature.

“If you want to try it, make sure the wings are a little cold,” he said.

“You need to hold it strong enough to pull out the wings and bones.”

Once they have cooled sufficiently, all you need to do is find the two bones that “join together at the top of the cartilage” and separate them, Mozhaev said.

Then I usually got the big bones first. That’s because it’s the hardest to pull, pull, and twist, “he said.

“If cooked well, it should come off like butter.”

Perth Men’s Red Rooster Chicken Wings Eating Splits TikTok

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