Perfection Fresh Report shows increasing exports of calypso mango to China

Queensland-grown Calypso Mango exports to China increased this season despite many recent challenges faced by producers, including unpredictable weather events and cargo turmoil. doing.

Calypso is the brand name for the B74 mango variety, a hybrid of sensation. This is a highly colored and highly productive Florida variety and Kensington Pride, a popular Australian variety famous for its intense flavor.

Mark Farner, Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and Minister of Local Communities, said this was an important achievement for the mango industry.

“This is the result of the Parasek government’s commitment to helping exporters maintain and grow their markets,” Farner said.

“Under the Growing Queensland’s Food Exports (GQFE) program, Perfection Fresh and the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) have co-invested more than $ 250,000 to conduct a mango consumer survey in the 2020 and 2021 seasons.”

Michael Simonetta, CEO of PerfectionFresh, said the insights gained through consumer research continue to inform Calypso’s marketing strategy for China.

“Chinese consumers are very particular about the quality of mango, which is a major barrier to purchase,” said Simonetta. “But they recognize that Australian produce is of high quality, especially mangoes, which have excellent flavor and texture and are often given to family and friends. Consumers buy more. And since the pandemic, I prefer to buy online or at local fruit stores.

“Calypso mango is ideal for export because of its excellent taste and attractive blush color, as well as its long shelf life and long-lasting retention of 7-10 days or more after aging. As a result, we expect to continue expanding exports in the 2022-23 season, targeting other markets as well. “

The GQFE program is supported under the Queensland Government’s Revitalized Agriculture and Food Trade Initiative 2020-2024.

A project funded under this program (extended until 2022 for a pandemic) will also help macadamia, melon and strawberry producers build business capabilities and increase exports to South Korea, Japan and Indonesia. It was useful.

Perfection Fresh Report shows increasing exports of calypso mango to China

Source link Perfection Fresh Report shows increasing exports of calypso mango to China

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