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This week’s survey targets Deborah Knight, the host of the 2GB afternoon.

2GB Deborah Gerati

How did you take a big break?
My first job was in the news room of Wagga Wagga’s local radio station 2WG. It was the best way to learn and be thrown into deep coverage of everything from local councils to local crimes and local events. I wish there were more opportunities for up-and-coming journalists in the local media.

What are your daily news media habits?
I read papers online before bedtime, check social media, and send story suggestions to the radio team about what I can track the next day. I do the same thing every morning, listening to a lot of radio and watching a lot of TV news. That’s the great thing about holidays. Instead of thinking about the next story, it’s your chance to switch it off a bit and enjoy reading and listening. (Although my husband proves that I never really switch off.)

Who are the living people you admire most? Dolly Parton. She is a living legend. She wrote hits, hit musicals, funded charities like the Imagination Library, which provides children with access to books, and invested millions in the creation of the Moderna vaccine. rice field. I want to meet and interview her. If you are reading this dolly-you are always welcome in the afternoon with Deborah Knight …

The joy of your guilty streaming?

I’ve seen season 2 Great To Stan. It’s smart, cheeky, and wonderful, and is commanded by Australian-led creators Tony McNamara and Belinda Bromiro. As Molly says-agree with yourself …

Which phrase do you use too much?

“stop it”. I have three children, so there are a lot of them in front of my house.

People admired by Deborah Knight

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