Pat Cummins, Steve Smith reveals how they work together as a new Australian test leader

Pat Cummins officially announced as Australia’s 47th Test Cricket Captain , Former skipper Steve Smith announced as adjutant.

Triggered by Tim Payne’s resignation last Friday The pair was announced as a new leader ahead of the next Ashes series against their old rival England.

Cummins is the first fast bowling captain since Ray Lindwall, the first bowling captain since Richie Benaud, and ends the dominant batting average leader for years on the test side.

This 28-year-old bowler is one of the best bowlers in the world, but taking over the role of the first test in Brisbane on December 8th will put more pressure on him.

Cummins and Smith stood in front of the media on Friday afternoon to elaborate on their plans to work as a tandem, the captain’s field and plans if a fast bowling star was injured and unable to play in the match.

Why Cummins wanted Smith to be an adjutant

Smith has been appointed as captain following a ball tampering scandal in South Africa and has been away from Australia’s leadership role since being suspended for a year in 2018.

Since Ash in 2019, his return to leadership seems inevitable and seems to have happened since this summer.

But given the nature of Pain’s sudden departure from captain, Cummins needs to rely on guidance for Smith to enter his first series as a skipper and become the first bowling captain in decades. I knew.

“I think there are some more unknowns about having a bowling captain,” Cummins said.

“That’s why, from the beginning, if I was the captain, I was absolutely determined to have someone like Steve next to me as the deputy captain.

“I think there are a lot of problems and potential problems with becoming a pace bowling captain. We are confident that it will work. Overall, rather than being too nervous about what will happen. I am excited.

“I think one of the big reasons I’ve heard that pace bowlers can’t be captains in the past is just a workload issue. Sometimes I’m in the middle, it’s a hot day, I’m in the middle of a spell, and I need to rely on people for advice, tactics and experience.

“That’s one of the main reasons I wanted Steve to be the deputy captain.

“We caught up several times and chatted in different scenarios. Obviously, it’s not our decision whether the captain or the deputy captain, but if given a captain, this is what the team ran. I made it pretty clear that it was the way I tried to take Steve.

“He’s central to my captain-style perspective, but I’m seeing the team working, so for the last few days we’ve both done it before giving a presentation to the two board members and the selector. I also had the opportunity to think a lot about it. “

How it works between Cummins and Smith on the field

Cricket captains are very unique compared to other sports and have a great deal of responsibility for field placement and bowling changes.

Cummins was accustomed to setting up his field and knowing his game, but is now responsible for the rest of the bowling cartel, including his close friends Josh Hazlewood and Mitchell Starc.

He clarified exactly how much he relied on Smith in the tactical sense and explained Smith’s role as the “promoted deputy captain” in the next series.

“I think it could look different than the partnership mechanism we’ve had so far,” he said.

“There are times when I throw at Steve in the field and I see Steve moving his fielders, making bowling changes and making the role of Deputy Captain a little more. That’s what I really want. I’m really happy that Steve is happy with that too.

“I’ll explain exactly how it works, but it’s going to be a real collaborative approach. Steve has a huge tactical strength, especially in the field. He started it out. Looking different from Flip. He has experience working in spinners and bowling. Change, game planning – I rely heavily on him for that.

“It may look a little different from other captains in the past, but it’s great. I think it’s pretty fluid. I’m going to get over it. Even on a 22 degree day here, 40 degrees is It may look different.-Degree day. We get over it and I’m completely comfortable. “

Smith had never seen a master tactician when he was a captain, but he certainly has a great cricket mind and adds a lot of experience to his role as deputy captain.

The 32-year-old said he would be fully guided by Cummins in that role and would support him in every way he could.

“It’s my job to help Patrick in every way I can. If I think I can help in the field and work with Pat, that’s my job,” he said. Told.

“I’m excited to work with Patrick. I think we’ve known each other for a long time, are close friends, are doing very well and complement each other really well. ..

“I’m really excited. I think this will be a great partnership in the future. As I said, help Pat, help this team succeed and grow into a team that Australia is proud of. Is my job.

“I’m completely guided by Patrick and everything he needs in the field. Sometimes Patrick hands me and wants me to take over and do some different things in the field. Then I’m there for that.

“My job is to support Patrick as much as possible and get the most out of the team.”

How Cummins Captain Style differs from past leaders

Each captain has his own way of doing things, and there have been differences over the years among men such as Alan Border, Ricky Ponting, and Michael Clarke.

Cummins describes himself as a “calm and positive person” and lifts the player to the side, allowing him to play natural games.

“I’m trying to show my strengths. I think I’m a very calm person in nature. I’m very positive and I really love people. I’m a real person,” he says. I did.

“I look really supportive. We have great stable senior players and great staff on the side, so I rely on everyone.

“I’m a big person who allows individuals to actually own and control their role, so I don’t see anyone teaching anyone how to bat or bowl. Has a reason to play in Australia.

“I’m there to really protect their freedom. I’m trying to really get them back, get rid of the distractions, relieve the pressure from them, and then 10 years, especially from the bowling side. Tactically guess using the international cricket of.

“I feel like I can bring a lot to that role.”

How they deal with potential rest / injury to Cummins

Although rarely used without any minor injuries, especially in major series such as The Ashes, much has been done over the years of the “rest policy”.

Cummins said he didn’t want to rest for a test match, despite the additional pressure of the captain-but he completely trusted Smith to take over if he succumbed to an injury. I am.

“I’ve never taken a break from a test cricket match and I don’t think it’s about to start,” he said.

“There is a particular series we have identified as a good opportunity to rest and rejuvenate for a big series. I’m pretty open about what needs to happen, but I really focus on the campaign I’m guessing, that’s probably the way I think, above all about my bowling.

“For the next six weeks, we’ll have to put everything into these five test matches and move on from there. If you get injured or miss a match, you can’t come up with a more comfortable broke. Steve will take over immediately and be seamless. “

Smith said he hopes Cummins will be available for all tests, but his leadership partnership will make it easier to migrate in the event of an injury.

“From my point of view, I think Patrick’s fingers, available in all games, have crossed,” he said.

“If he hadn’t seen, I would do the best I could for the team in his absence, move the team forward, and ensure that it continues to grow as a team.

“Hopefully, you can have some success in the process.”

Advice Smith gives Cummins in a new role

The field side of things is tricky for Cummins as a fast bowler, but if things go wrong, he also has the additional pressure to do the media, toss a coin, and read his name on the back page of the paper. ..

Smith praised Cummins for his growth as a leader and said he would learn a lot over the next few years as an Australian skipper.

“I help Pat in the best possible way,” Smith said.

“I’ve seen him grow into a great leader over the years. In the process, he learns to be clearly different in toss and the media. He’s part of his job. Already aware of.

“I’m over the moon for him, and I know he’ll do a great job of leading our team, that’s for sure.”

Pat Cummins, Steve Smith reveals how they work together as a new Australian test leader

Source link Pat Cummins, Steve Smith reveals how they work together as a new Australian test leader

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