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As the NSW State Government expands its local and remote incentive reform programs, more teachers will have access to incentives and pay bonuses.

Over the weekend, Deputy Prime Minister Paul Tour and Minister of Education Sarah Mitchell used $ 8 million of the first $ 15 million incentive package to implement existing programs, including temporary teachers, in the region’s New South Wales. Announced to double the bonuses for teachers who find employment in.

Toole said the government is transforming the way teachers are incentives in the region, ensuring that all staff have the flexibility and financial support they need.

“It’s not easy to make the decision to leave home and get an education job in an unfamiliar town, often away from family and friends. That’s why we have the most generous incentive system in the country. We are expanding and providing temporary teachers with up to $ 30,000 in additional salaries, travel, living and housing incentives, “said Toole.

“We want all teachers to feel comfortable broadening their horizons and considering moving to bushes. They know they won’t look back when they get there. increase.”

Ms. Mitchell said additional access to incentives for temporary teachers is important to encourage more teachers to work in the region’s New South Wales.

“Temporary staff are essential to our system. They provide flexibility for schools and staff. It is important to support them in the same way that they support other staff in rural and remote areas.” Said Mitchell.

“We will also double teacher recruitment from $ 10,000 to $ 20,000 and provide qualified teachers with an additional $ 20,000 in addition to the education salary for teaching in the community.

“We have Australia’s most generous incentive system, but it’s becoming more complex over time. We inspect all aspects of the system to make it fair and flexible, and teachers are best suited for themselves and their situation. This is the first time I’ve been able to create a package. “

The Rural and Remote Incentives Review contained recommendations to support existing efforts for NSW in the region under the Rural and Remote Education Strategy.

NSW’s commitment to local schools includes efforts to improve access to technology infrastructure, increase access to early childhood education, and strengthen leadership development programs for teachers to grow the community across NSW. And fairness of opportunity is realized.

The Government of New South Wales has funded a $ 125 million teacher supply strategy focused on securing the right teachers, and the right qualifications are functioning where students need them.

full strategy You can see it on the education website.

Other Reasons to Teach in the Bushes – SchoolNews – Australia

Source link Other Reasons to Teach in the Bushes – SchoolNews – Australia

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