Opinion: Volkswagen multi-vans should not fly under radar

Volkswagen passenger cars have fans all over the world. Will the new one satisfy them all?

The Ferrari SF90 Stradale, the Mk8 Volkswagen Golf, the new Land Rover Defender and the Aston Martin DBX are one of the most exciting cars of the last two years. Each launch was hyped a few months ago.

However, yesterday there was an announcement with a slightly personal touch. If you value acceleration and plug socket pace over adjustment, you may have passed.

Yes, it’s the new Volkswagen Multivan. This is essentially a new version of the hot-selling transporter MPV that we all know and love, despite the new retro-inspired name.

It received a new platform, a radical new look, and even a plug-in hybrid powertrain option.

Of course, it’s very exciting in itself and, like golf and ID 3, is certainly worth it for many of Volkswagen’s top brasses. However, the challenges faced by multivans are much more difficult than just the WLTP certification process or MPV group testing. Or test the lap time of the track.

You see, anyone who is really excited about the new multi-van-let’s call it the T7 in the sense of continuity-is probably related to the old VW van.

The T7 is the latest addition to the Volkswagen van passenger car, dating more or less in the early 1950s. Volkswagen nerds like me can spit out lovingly crafted Monicas such as Burndoors, Split Teas, Bays and Wedges when discussing the divine lineage of transporters. We believe that the announcement of this latest generation is as important as the 1997 Beetle revival.

I grew up in the shade of a series of brightly colored Type 2 “bay window” campers. It was remodeled by the German company Westfalia (Helsinki and Camp Mobile).

With a rattling air-cooled “pancake” motor at the rear, a musty smell of a “pop top” rooftop bed, and a dazzling tartan check decoration, my sensory record shows that I’m an avid VW van fanboy. It remains. This day.

A friend and I then rescued the T3 Multivan from behind some trash cans behind the local garage, spray-painted his yard, and sent a horde of like-minded fools to school, parties, and McDonald’s. I made a lasting memory to carry.

Felix Page

Opinion: Volkswagen multi-vans should not fly under radar

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