Openpay Signs Online Retailer Cogan to Strengthen Automotive Leadership Position with Nissan

‘Buy now. Pay smarter. The company, Openpay, has signed an agreement to provide OpyPro’s business-to-business (B2B) platform to online retailer, and a new agreement with Nissan continues to strengthen its leadership position in the automotive industry. increase.

Openpay has signed online retailer as a new enterprise partner for OpyPro (B2B)

Openpay leveraged its existing relationship with in business-to-business (B2C) space to secure new OpyPro (B2B) enterprise contracts. OpyPro integrates with’s e-commerce system to provide business customers with an enhanced, simplified purchasing and transaction experience. In addition, OpyPro’s funding partner, Lumi, will provide credit to’s business clients.

Openpay’s OpyPro SaaS solution enables businesses to provide self-service through a dedicated buyer and supplier portal, reducing management costs and time, and helping them buy goods and services. OpyPro solutions help companies stay in compliance with account and accounts receivable management rules and gain real-time, 24/7 access to account features, giving them greater accuracy and control over their business spending.

Michael Eidel, CEO and Managing Director of Openpay, commented: This transaction demonstrates a strong demand from businesses for a simpler and more efficient payment experience. Credit term funding for Australian business buyers will be provided by OpyPro’s funding partner, Lumi, to enable OpyPro to function as a low-capitalized SaaS-based product. “

Ross Metherell, Strategy Director at, said: We look forward to using the OpyPro platform as part of our offering to our business customers. “

OpyPro is an Openpay platform for the global B2B market, the latest merchant-led platform that large companies can use to manage their trading accounts end-to-end in a fully digital way, from applications to transactions to remittances. It is built as software.

Following the B2B partnerships with Woolworths, HP and Kiriba, the announcement provides Openpay with a unique opportunity to become the provider of choice in the Australian and international trillions of dollars B2B payments market.

Openpay strengthens leadership position in the automotive sector with an agreement with Nissan

Openpay has secured an important agreement with Nissan Australia. This includes marketing campaigns to drive new customer growth and targeted communication with Nissan Australia’s existing customer base. Nissan Australia will work with its dealer network to increase the availability and use of Openpay’s consumer payment services among its 188 network dealers.

Dion Appel, ANZ CEO of Openpay, said: Through this partnership, we can help Nissan customers offer greater payment flexibility and options to meet their automotive service needs. “

Michael Hill, Nissan Australia’s After-Sales Director, said: They offer our customers new payment options, which will also help their customers retain and satisfy. “

Openpay continues its strategy of becoming a leader in the industry of choice, preparing longer, larger, and customized payment plans with sound returns. This announcement follows recently announced contracts with Ford Australia, Pentana Solutions, Dunlop Super Dealer, DC Motor Group, Norris Motor Group, Thomson Motor Group, Gianle Group and Goodyear Autocare. Openpay will continue to focus on further partnerships with major OEMs, distributors and importers in the automotive sector, further establishing itself as a market-leading Buy Now and PaySmarter provider in the automotive industry.

Openpay Signs Online Retailer Cogan to Strengthen Automotive Leadership Position with Nissan

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