Openmarkets runs on GBST’s Australian Retail Clearing Platform

One of Australia’s largest and fastest growing retail brokers, Open market, Now live GBST Retail Clearing Platform, Deployed via a Software as a Service (SaaS) model on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. Designed for Australian market participants, the platform offers scalable, feature-rich and robust equity and option processing.

Open market Leverage a platform for equity and exchange trading options (ETO) clearing and settlement capabilities, brokerage management, risk management, and a real-time interface to margin lenders and cash management providers.

Dennis O’Rock, Head of Capital Markets GBST, Says: “We are pleased to include the open market in our growing customer base of leading financial institutions. With Covid-19, we are proud of our delivery team, which completed this implementation remotely within 12 months. Experts enjoyed introducing best practice operational features into their Openmarkets projects. “

Ivan Tchourilov, CEO of OMG (Openmarkets Group), said: It provides an excellent foundation for faster growth with the next CHESS exchange processed by GBST. The economies of scale it offers are far more economical than implementing our own back office technology. The platform provides automation throughout the post-trading lifecycle of equities and options, client onboarding automation, and company-wide risk management, allowing you to focus on delivering cutting-edge technology. It benefits more than 225,000 investors using our system and holds over $ 11 billion in assets. “

GBST retail brokers and clearing clients currently manage over A $ 200 billion in sponsored HINs, cash holdings and margin loans across the GBST platform. To enable these companies to stay connected, GBST has millions of Australian post-transaction products across to facilitate ASX’s CHESS exchange program, which is scheduled to go live in April 2023. Funding a dollar investment. Market transactions are currently via the GBST system, processing over $ 2.2 trillion in transaction value during FY2009.

Openmarkets runs on GBST’s Australian Retail Clearing Platform

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