Omicron variants are “probably” in Germany

The Omicron variant of COVID-19 probably arrived in Germany after the mutation was found in passengers arriving from South Africa, said the Western Minister of Hessen.

“We found some Omicron-specific variants in travelers returning from South Africa last night,” said Hessen, Minister of Social Affairs, at Frankfurt Airport, Germany’s largest hub and one of Europe’s busiest airports. One Kaikurose tweeted.

He added that the mutant had been fully sequenced and that the person was quarantined, and urged anyone traveling from South Africa in the past few weeks to limit contact and be tested. ..

A new variant was discovered when Germany and many other European countries were working on a surge in cases of coronavirus.

According to the Robert Koch Institute for Infectious Diseases, Germany recorded 67,125 new coronavirus cases on Saturday, killing more than 100,000 people with COVID-19.

Germany has declared South Africa a virus-mutant area. That is, the airline is only allowed to fly Germans from South Africa to Germany, sources told Reuters on Friday. Even vaccinated people have to spend 14 days in quarantine.

Earlier, Dutch health officials said they were trying to detect 61 COVID-19 cases from people flying from South Africa on Friday to see if they were infected with the Omicron variant.

Omicron variants are “probably” in Germany

Source link Omicron variants are “probably” in Germany

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