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Australians can accelerate the timeline for COVID-19 booster shots amid concerns about highly infectious new strains. Chief Medical Officer Paul Kelly assured Australians that “there is no clear evidence” to suggest that the vaccine is less effective against the Omicron mutants released from Africa since last week. Australians who were fully vaccinated at least six months ago are now eligible for booster shots, but Monday’s Health Minister Greg Hunt reveals that the Australian Immunotechnology Advisory Group is considering that time frame. I made it. “We will continue to allow them to act independently and continue to follow their advice,” he told reporters. “I don’t speculate on any time frame. We gave them an open brief.” But Mr. Hunt said the government “doesn’t hesitate” to take further steps, but Australia’s high. He claimed that vaccination rates were “significantly different” than when the virus arrived in early 2020. We discussed tensions with the Commissar of State Security over the weekend and called the Council of Ministers within 48 hours. Two passengers arriving in Sydney on Saturday have been confirmed to be infected with a variant of Omicron. NT officials also confirmed on Monday that a man at the Howard Springs facility was infected with the strain. Professor Kelly said Omicron soon became the dominant strain in Africa and was a sign that it was transmitting “at least as well as Delta.” He said Australians should be “alert but not vigilant” as more information is revealed. “Some reports from South Africa are that it’s almost mild. The other information we have is that hospitalization rates are increasing. So we have more information there. And we have that information, “he said. However, as Australia boasted high vaccine intake, Professor Kelly moved to avoid concerns that Omicron could neutralize the effects of the COVID-19 vaccine. “At this time, there is no clear evidence at the clinical, laboratory, or population level that the vaccine is ineffective against the virus,” he said. “Pfizer and Moderna can act swiftly to make a particular vaccine if that happens. That’s a big advantage,” said Professor Kelly as his “number one Christmas gift.” He explained that the strain could spread and boost immunity to more deadly mutants. “It’s certainly a very interesting change and a positive one, but I’m really clear. We’re not in that position yet. It’s definitely going to happen in the end. Let’s do it, “he said. “However [we] Morrison opposed the proposal by the state cabinet to attend an “emergency meeting,” saying state and territory leaders were simply “speeding up” the situation. The high vaccination rate of the Prime Minister means that Australia is shifting from focusing on case numbers to controlling the virus, he said. today. “We know that using this variant can be more contagious, but we also know that it is less serious.” The health and safety of this outbreak of COVID-19 in ACT. Anyone can cover the sides for free. However, it relies on subscription revenue to support journalism. If possible, subscribe here. If you are already a subscriber, thank you for your support. You can also sign up for the regular u newsletter. pdates. Our journalists are working hard to bring the latest news in the area to the community. To continue to access trusted content:


Omicron Variant: Reviewing the Australian Booster Timeline ATAGI | Newcastle Herald

Source link Omicron Variant: Reviewing the Australian Booster Timeline ATAGI | Newcastle Herald

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