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Omicron Variant Australia: Darwin’s new Covid strain as New South Wales investigates possible further cases | New South Wales

A case of the Omicron mutant of Covid-19 has been confirmed in the Northern Territory, New South Wales Also investigating the possibility of further cases, state Prime Minister Dominic Perrott warns against a “kneeling” reaction to the new strain.

The New South Wales Department of Health arrives on the plane on Monday and an urgent genomic test is underway to determine if two passengers tested positive for Covid have the new variant. I said it was inside.

This was after two recent returnees from southern Africa confirmed on Sunday that they tested positive for a new variant in Sydney.

They were one of 141 people who flew to New South Wales from a handful of countries in southern Africa where border restrictions have been tightened since the discovery of the new subspecies.

They include Southern Africa, Lesotho, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Namibia, Eswatini, Malawi and the Seychelles.

On Monday, Perotet said there were “probably” additional cases of the variant being investigated by the state health department.

Also on Monday, the Northern Territory government confirmed that a man in his thirties tested positive for the Omicron variant after returning to his return flight from Johannesburg. The man was quarantined in a Howard Springs facility.

Charles Payne, Deputy Chief Health Officer of the territory, said the quarantine facility was “normal work”, but more cases could occur from a man’s flight.

“Because of the high infectivity of this virus, more cases would have interesting results, but we still don’t know,” he said.

Amid global concerns and border closures after the emergence of new variants, Health Minister Greg Hunt advises the Australian Immunization Technology Advisory Group on whether booster shot rules need to be reviewed. Announced that he requested.

Booster shots are available to those who received a second vaccination more than six months ago, but Hunt said the new strain has begun to seek advice on whether to advance these periods. I did. Over 400,000 Australians received booster shots.

“If they provide advice that changes are needed, we’ll adopt it. I don’t guess about any timeline, I gave them an open brief,” he says. I did.

The New South Wales Department of Health said three passengers arriving in Sydney from southern Africa on Sunday night tested positive for Covid-19.

One of them was “highly” likely to be an old infection, but it is urgent to determine if the other two are infected with the new Omicron B.1.1.529 mutant of concern. Genome test was underway. Results are expected by Monday evening.

Another person who arrived in Australia from southern Africa on November 23 also tested positive for Covid-19 on Sunday, and his genomic test results are expected today.

The Ministry of Health said the first test showed that the person was “less likely to be infected with the Omicron mutant.”

“This fully vaccinated and asymptomatic person is quarantined at his home in Sydney,” the department said.

A new rule introduced by the government over the weekend means that people arriving from the nine southern African countries where the variant was first detected must be quarantined for 14 days after arriving in the state. .. All other international arrivals must be quarantined for 72 hours.

However, the Prime Minister, who resisted the change from the Covid-19 restrictions to the state roadmap, warned that he was not interested in returning to the quarantine and strict restrictions of large hotels.

“We need to learn not only to live with Covid, but also to live with Variants,” he said.

“If you have a new variant, you shouldn’t respond.” Shut down. “

“Ultimately, we need to open the door to the world. We need to do so safely. We don’t have to react on our knees. We need to respond in proportion to the situation in front of us. . “

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has confirmed that an urgent national ministerial meeting will be held within the next 48 hours to consider whether plans to reopen the border for students and visa holders proceed as planned.

Morrison said on Monday that it was “too early” to decide whether to introduce a hotel quarantine system before Christmas, but urged state leaders to stick to the current plan.

“It’s important for us to calmly and carefully review this information, work together and make the necessary decisions, which is exactly what everyone is doing,” he told Seven Network on Monday.

“We need to live with this virus. The fact that there were new variants is not surprising. Through a pandemic, we have also introduced new variants and have been dealing with them when they emerge. I told you. “

Also on Monday, Chief Medical Officer Paul Kelly said authorities are still trying to understand what Omicron means for vaccine infection and efficacy. He called on people to “be wary, but not be wary.”

According to Kelly, information from southern Africa suggested that the strain was particularly contagious, with various reports of the symptoms of people infected with the strain.

“Some reports from South Africa are that it’s almost mild. The other information we have is that hospitalization rates are increasing. So get more information there. I need it and I have that information, “he said.

“We may know more about the two cases diagnosed so far in Australia, but at this point we are two young people from South Africa, both fully vaccinated. It is asymptomatic. It is only two people.

“There are two cases in Hong Kong: young people, infection from one person to another in a hotel quarantine, young, fully vaccinated, asymptomatic.

“So we need to see if it’s really a feature of this virus. Of course, if so, it’s very encouraging, but it’s too early to say it clearly.”

A South African doctor who warned authorities about the new variant emphasized that the strain is unlikely to cause serious illness.

A man in his thirties came to see Dr. Angelique Kotze suffering from fatigue, body aches, and pain before he and his family became positive.

“They weren’t so sick, none of them were extremely sick,” Coetzee said.

Omicron Variant Australia: Darwin’s new Covid strain as New South Wales investigates possible further cases | New South Wales

Source link Omicron Variant Australia: Darwin’s new Covid strain as New South Wales investigates possible further cases | New South Wales

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