Olympic swimmer given ultimatum on suspicion of role in drug syndicate

Olympic swimmer Scott Miller was given an ultimatum after appearing in court on suspicion of drugs.

A security judge said Miller’s plea had to be entered at his next appearance, as it’s been almost a year since he was arrested for his alleged role in a drug syndicate.

Miller was arrested at Rosell’s home in February 2021 after police investigation into a supply of more than $ 2 million, or at least $ 4 kg, of ice.

Two other men, including Wayne Alan Johnson, who was arrested at Balman’s home, and Justin Savoryx, who allegedly picked up drugs from Miller, were charged with Olympic athletes.

Miller was accused of driving a drug consignment about 280km from Sydney to Yasu, where he met Sabolix.

The drug was reportedly dumped more than 200 km further south after Szabolics and other men were involved in high-speed pursuit with police.

Miller is said to have collected white Toyota Camry from the Balmain area on January 11, 2021 after a man in high-definition clothing placed a red, white, and blue striped bag at the foot of the car.

A silver medalist allegedly hid a bag of eight candles containing $ 2.2 million worth of stimulants in a secret compartment and left the car overnight.

According to police, Miller picked up Johnson the next day and the pair drove the Camry to Yasu.

It was there that it was allegedly handed over to Szabolics, who drove the Hume Highway towards Albury.

The next day, police found a bag allegedly containing medicine in a long grass near the Cookardinia crossing, 230 km southwest of Yas and just 75 km from Albury.

Camera iconScott Miller was arrested and charged in February 2021. credit: Supply, NSW police

It took more than a month for Miller to be arrested at Rosell’s home on February 16.

The footage of the arrest shows a shirtless mirror with a blurred face, wearing only blue jeans, while sitting on a white chair around a glass table in a sparsely decorated room. ..

Another man, who appears to be wearing blue shorts, can be seen sitting on the other side of the table, littered with items such as candy packets, cigarette boxes, and brown shopping bags.

Miller was charged with two charges: supplying a commercial amount of banned drugs, processing criminal proceeds, and directing a criminal group.

Johnson was charged with supplying large amounts of drugs and joining a criminal group. He has also not applied for bail.

Meanwhile, Szabolics was charged with joining a criminal group and supplying a large amount of banned drugs commercially.

Police confiscated several items in the assault. NSW police
Camera iconPolice confiscated several items in the assault. NSW police credit: supply

No man appeared in the Central District Court when the issue was mentioned in front of Justice of the Peace Robert Williams on Thursday.

A representative of the prosecutor’s office told the court that the matter had been postponed to negotiate a judicial transaction and confirm the agreed facts.

Justice of the Peace William told the court that almost a year had passed since the matter first appeared in court and that a petition had to be submitted at the next hearing.

“You should be ready for the next opportunity,” he said.

The issue was postponed to February 24th to enter the plea.

Olympic swimmer given ultimatum on suspicion of role in drug syndicate

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