Olly Robinson’s lack of fitness makes another England fail

Robinson clasps a Melbourne hamstring. credit:Getty

In the absence of Robinson, Captain Joe Root was forced to wheel down 10 overs of offspin under ideal seaming conditions.

England bowling coach John Lewis was as good as he could when he talked about Robinson after the stump on the first day.

“”[Robinson’s fitness] He’s definitely the focus, and we’re working with him, “Lewis said.

“If he performs consistently over a long period of time at this level, that’s what he needs. He needs to be a fitter bowler. That’s 100 percent. We have those conversations with him. And I was pretty straightforward with him, and now it’s up to him to work.

“He has a record of playing many games in cricket. But international cricket is stronger and plays all year round, so he becomes an international cricket player throughout the full-time year. You have to get used to understanding what it takes to be.

“So far, he’s okay. But we play a lot of cricket. It’s not always easy to train and play at the same time. That’s what. [Robinson’s] learn. He probably needs to learn how to take care of himself more than he is now. “

Which raises the question, especially after a home summer in a test setup, how can county players in the seven seasons be in such a poor state to represent their country? ??

If this is the best that England’s first class and international system can manage, it’s no wonder that many of their players look very inadequate.

Big, strong, high action, his unmistakable accuracy and extraordinary seam position can really make him a handful on a useful pitch, as the Australians found this summer.

But while he can look like a test cricket player, he’s having a hard time playing like one.

The start of a new spell includes a floating half volley or long hop, which is a simple picking that automatically relieves pressure, and he struggles to return to the main spell at the end of the day.

Robinson’s fitness has been a concern for some time, and he rested England during his final test in Sydney after a rapid slowdown during the Boxing Day test.

“In these series, when we’re playing now, everything is really crushed together,” Lewis explained. “So there isn’t much rest or recovery between games, so that’s what he has to deal with.”

By London Telegraph

Olly Robinson’s lack of fitness makes another England fail

Source link Olly Robinson’s lack of fitness makes another England fail

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