Obese Australians cost millions of dollars in NDIS each year

Another major disability-free, severely overweight person has spent millions on national disability insurance schemes in the past fiscal year.

Severely overweight people without other major disabilities spent more than $ 4.5 million on the national disability insurance system in fiscal year 2020-21.

NDIS Minister Linda Reynolds is an active participant in the NDIS program, which listed obesity as a major disability as of June 30, in response to Congressional questions regarding obesity notifications covered by the scheme. Said there was.

Senator Reynolds said these plans cost a total of $ 4,576,802 in the 2020-21 fiscal year.

This increased in 2019-20, with another 18 obese people without major disabilities spending about $ 2.4 million on NDIS.

In August, Senator Reynolds declared that older people, autistic people, and obese people are contributing to a “unsustainable” rise in NDIS costs, and the plan is for all Australians with disabilities. He claimed that he “never intended” to provide the service.

“(NDIS) was to help people with the most serious and lasting disabilities lead the most independent lives possible … but who can join the system?” In that respect, my qualifications are pretty good now. It’s unclear, “she said.

“Now, a variety of people are trying to participate in this plan, for example, because they are obese and have disabilities due to their health.”

The NDIS System List for Primary Disorders is based on the World Health Organization’s International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems, listing obesity as a condition.

Senator Reynolds said NDIS’s support and payments were not intended to help manage or prevent the medical problems of obesity, but to support the functional effects of the condition. Said.

NDIS released its Annual Treasury Sustainability Report on Friday, re-emphasizing that the cost of the scheme is rising much faster than expected.

“The forecast for future participants in the scheme by 2030 is significantly higher than the number of participants estimated by the Productivity Commission in 2017,” the report said.

Senator Reynolds’ office said people were participating in the plan more than expected and migrating from the plan in fewer numbers.

“Many participants who received early intervention support were then expected to move away from planning to be supported by mainstream and community services. This is not happening at the expected rate.” I read the book.

at first Another major disability-free obese person costs NDIS $ 4.5 million annually

Obese Australians cost millions of dollars in NDIS each year

Source link Obese Australians cost millions of dollars in NDIS each year

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