NZ Records 51 Cases in Blockage Review

New Zealand has recorded 51 new community cases of COVID-19, including new unlinked cases in Waikato.

The first confirmed delta outbreak on August 17 is rampant in Auckland. It consists of 47 new infections reported on Sunday.

Of those cases, 23 have not yet been linked to outbreaks by contact tracers.

On Monday, the Jacinda Ardern government will confirm the blockade settings for most of the three areas currently blocked, Auckland, Northland, and Waikato.

These areas make up about half of New Zealand’s population.

Oakland remains blocked given its uncontrolled spread, and the Ministry of Health predicts that it will double to more than 100 cases per day within the next two weeks.

Northland is likely to end the blockade, with no further cases identified within 10 days of illegally leaving the blockade in the area before two Auckland women tested positive for the virus. Hmm.

Waikato will be a more tricky call to Mr. Ardan’s cabinet.

On Sunday, four new cases were identified. Two were Hamilton, one was Lagran, and one was Kihikihi, only one of which had already been quarantined as household contacts.

The blockade will be announced on Monday at 4 pm NZDT (2 pm AEDT).

New cases will occur after a major vaccination drive this weekend.

“Super Saturday” was a huge success, with healthcare professionals giving 130,002 doses of Pfizer. Daily records of vaccinations in New Zealand, and over 2.5 percent of New Zealand’s population.

That rate was a greater day’s effort than was controlled in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, or the United States.

“People in Motu (nationwide) have embraced Super Saturday just as community life depends on it,” said Ashley Bloomfield, director of health.

“It was exciting to witness because we know that the COVID-19 vaccine is the key to our efforts to control the virus.”

More than 39,000 kiwis received the first dose of Pfizer, bringing the total number of vaccinations to 3.57 million.

Over 82% of the eligible population is at least partially vaccinated and 63% are vaccinated twice.

Promotion of vaccination has included thousands of people in Auckland, with 89 percent currently partially vaccinated.

“We are short of only 20,360 people (out of 90 percent of vaccinations),” said Dr. Bloomfield.

“We plan to reach that milestone this week, with an average of about 4000 initial doses per day in Auckland over the past week.”

NZ Records 51 Cases in Blockage Review

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