NT Covid: Michael Gunner was threatened and almost wept

This leader almost shed tears and had to spend time constructing himself after revealing an unpleasant threat to his family.

The Northern Territory disbanded at a press conference after talking about the threat to his 19-month-old son.

Michael Gunner criticized protesters for playing his last post at an anti-vaccination rally and was first asked if he knew of a Facebook post written by a veteran who was the subject of intimidation and abuse. I did.

However, subsequent questions clearly upset Mr. Gunner, who almost wept.

He then told reporters that he and his family were under threat such as “my child was put in a grave.”

The Prime Minister took a few seconds to configure himself before continuing to respond.

“But we have a job and we do a job. We thank the police and others for the work they do,” he said.

Gunner and his wife Christie O’Brien are Hudson’s parents, born in April 2020.

Gunner, unaware of the veteran Facebook post, said he strongly supported his view and revealed that he was also threatened against him.

“You have the freedom to protest,” he said.

“I would compare the life-saving vaccine and your selfish decision not to take it to the selfless sacrifice our troops made to keep us safe.

“I think the veteran who called for the performance of Last Post should be praised … I also have some experience with what he is currently experiencing.

“We are dealing with people who unfortunately have gone down the rabbit hole.

“The delusions they accept are extraordinary and can be aggressive and violent against what they say.”

Police Secretary Jamie Chalker said police are investigating threats to Gunner and his family.

“Once we reach the crime benchmark, we can rest assured that we will take action,” he said.

“These are complicated issues. Unfortunately, not everyone is based in NT … but I call it what it is, that is, complete cowardice.”

Initially published as follows NT Prime Minister was about to weep after revealing threats to his family

NT Covid: Michael Gunner was threatened and almost wept

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