NSW Premier Dominique Perotet Grilled by Resale at 7:30 ABC

ABC host Lee Sales grilled Dominique Perotet, who first appeared as the Premier of New South Wales at 7:30.

Sales asked Perotet on a variety of topics, from Covid-19 figures and carbon emissions to the Anti-Corruption Independent Commission.

“This is the first interview about the program, starting with Covid’s case number, so I’d like to consider a few things,” she said.

Sales asked if the state government still expected a surge in infections in the near future.

“Based on the advice we received from (NSWHealth), we are confident that as the state-wide mobility increases, the number of cases will naturally increase and hospitalizations will increase,” Perotet said.

“But in terms of success in vaccination rates, it’s great to see so many people going out and trying to get vaccinated across the state. It’s hospitalization and It will really help us with the ICU presentation. “

Asked about a message to the federal government on reducing carbon emissions, Perotet said New South Wales should take the lead.

“We have made it very clear that we want to halve state-wide emissions by 2030,” he said.

“When it comes to following private sector investment, governments are generally slow, but there is a real opportunity for our state and our country to lead.”

Mr. Perotet was also asked if he intends to “cut off the wings” of the IACC. ICAC funding is under state government oversight, and a hearing will begin next week with a Gladys Berejikrian investigation.

“No, that is, the agency of integrity plays an important role in ensuring that corruption is out of public life,” Perotet said.

“So that doesn’t mean that sometimes reforms to every part of the government here in New South Wales shouldn’t be seen. It’s positive if there is a way to strengthen independent surveillance in any area. . “

The last question was about Icare, the country’s largest workers’ accident compensation system. This was accused of exposing financial scandals and underpaying injured workers.

Camera iconLee Sales asked Mr. Perotet various questions. credit: supply

“As the state’s finance minister, you set up a workers’ accident compensation system called Icare, but found that you lost more than $ 3 billion last year and reduced the allowances for thousands of injured workers. “Sales says.

“You refused to be interviewed for a review about it. If it’s a sign of your ability and accountability readiness, how good is it for your role as a premier?”

Mr Perotet said the implementation of the plan and ministerial oversight would have been “absolutely” better.

“There were some recommendations as part of the statutory review we consider,” he said.

“Should the Finance Ministers be involved in public finance companies? They are a challenging question. But do I think the reforms are right? I support it. Better implementation Could you guarantee? Absolutely. “

NSW Premier Dominique Perotet Grilled by Resale at 7:30 ABC

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