NSW Health spreads by word of mouth in response to Nicki Minaj’s tweets


Western Sydney Health impressed the internet by clearly swiping a strange tweet from American rapper Nicki Minaj.

The local health department posted a screenshot of a strange post from Minage, uncovering her allegations about the “swelling of the testicles” caused by the COVID vaccine.

Minage refused to vaccinate his cousin on Tuesday because his friend was “helpless” after getting a jab, and then ended his relationship with 22 million followers. I informed you.

“Trinidad’s cousin does not vaccinate [because] His friend got it and was helpless, “writes Minage.

“His testicles were swollen. His friend was a few weeks away from marriage, but now the girl has canceled the wedding.

“So just pray about it and make sure you’re comfortable [your] A decision that has not been bullied. “

Twitterverse went crazy, with over 100,000 retweets, and many enjoyed strange claims.

Seven Network reported that a local health district in western Sydney was forced to intervene when the tweet was picked up by anti-boxers.

Health officials responded with a side-by-side image of the common side effects of the vaccine and a screenshot of Minage’s tweet with the caption “What doesn’t happen after the COVID vaccine.”

Side effects listed include pain and swelling at the injection site, headache, muscle aches, malaise, fever and chills, and arthralgia.

The department promised, “If she leaves the medicine to doctors and scientists, leave the rap to Nicki Minaj.”

Wednesday, molecular biologist Dr. Raven Baxter, Under Twitter handle Dr. Raven the Science Maven, took her step further with her response to the health sector.

Dr. Baxter posted his video wrapping a hip-hop song about vaccines and antibodies. Antibody antibody antibody song..

“Or we could educate those who are still hesitant about vaccines and leave the rap to scientists who are willing to alienate,” Dr. Baxter wrote.

The lyrics of this song contain some immunology and microbiology terms and include the following explanations: It’s a battle night because B cells know who they hate when they see them.

Among the many answers, Irish TimesBrianna Parkins, who retweeted the health sector in her view in 2021.

“The fact of Western Sydney Wanderers checking Nicki Minaj about her cousin’s enlarged testicles isn’t the way I expected to go this year, but I’m here,” Perkins wrote.

The health department immediately replied: [to be honest]”.

Dr. Anthony Fauci was one of the medical professionals who came out to condemn the singer’s claims about impotence and vaccines.

“She should think twice about disseminating information that isn’t really grounded, except for a one-off anecdote. That’s not all about science,” Dr. Fauci told CNN.

Minage protected herself from repulsion and explained that she was not an anti-boxer.

NS WAP The singer pointed out in the next tweet that he wrote that he intends to vaccinate himself and definitely recommends the vaccine, following the now infamous story about “swelling of the testicles”.

She also explained that she had countered the headlines claiming she did not attend the Met Gala because she was not good at getting vaccinated and told the press that she was not traveling because she had small children.

It comes because New South Wales is set to reach the first dose COVID-19 vaccination rate of 80 percent of eligible residents on Wednesday.

NSW Health spreads by word of mouth in response to Nicki Minaj’s tweets

Source link NSW Health spreads by word of mouth in response to Nicki Minaj’s tweets

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