NSW election results may be finalized as Ryde and Holsworthy remain on knife edge

The remaining two seats in New South Wales could be settled today, a week after state elections.

Holsworthy and Ryde are yet to be called up, with only a few hundred votes separating the candidates.

Liberals lead in Holsworthy, Labor leads in Ryde.

ABC’s election analyst Anthony Green said Terrigal’s Central Coast seat was won over the liberals this morning by candidate Adam Crouch, who currently leads with 1,258 votes.

Terrigal was previously owned by the Liberal Party with a margin of 12.3%.

About 320,000 mail-in ballots and declaration ballots have been added, Green said, likely to secure voter winners for all roles in the Legislative Assembly.

Lyndal Howison wants to take the seat from the Liberals, but the results are too close right now.(Facebook: Lindal Howison)

On Ryde, Labor’s Lyndal Howison leads by about 320 votes, but if Saturday’s trend repeats, the mail-in ballot could favor Liberal candidate Jordan Lane, Green said. Stated.

This seat was held by retiring MP Victor Dominero with a margin of 8.9%.

Men and women standing on the train
Tina Ayyad fended off a racist smear campaign leading up to the election, along with former Prime Minister Dominic Perrotet. (AAP: Gay Gerald)

In Holsworthy, liberal candidate Tanya Ayyad leads by about 600 votes, and as ABC’s electoral turnout shows, she favors mail-in ballots.

Ayyad, a former Liverpool City Council member and deputy mayor, won the seat pre-selection against longtime Liberal MP Melanie Gibbons.

Adam Crouch retained the previously secure Liberal Terrigal seat. (ABC Central Coast: Sophie Wainwright)

The NSW Labor Party currently holds 45 seats, two fewer than needed to form a majority government.

Prime Minister Chris Mins — and seven members of his ministers, including Deputy Prime Minister Prue Carr, were sworn in by Governor Margaret Beasley at the Governor’s House on Tuesday.

Earlier projections had Labor winning the 47 seats needed to form a majority government.

https://www.abc.net.au/news/2023-04-01/nsw-election-results-likely-today-as-two-seats-on-knife-edge/102175504 NSW election results may be finalized as Ryde and Holsworthy remain on knife edge

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