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What’s behind the NRL’s massive blowout scores? A widely published set of rule changes that have radically changed the way games are played, or poor roster management and a broken salary cap system?

It is controversy that the competition and the entire rugby league community are furious.And that NRL 360 Experts haven’t punched out in a lively debate that reveals the complex issues facing the game.

From the game’s “big imbalance”, non-NRL standard players, and many companions being overpaid to the unaccountable ARLC, they said:

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Paul Kent declared: Wayne Bennett: The problem is bigger than just the rules. The problem is how the team builds the roster. Some players playing in the NRL are not NRL standard.

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“There seems to be this big imbalance where good clubs are attractive. I’ve said this for years: there’s a false salary cap. All the players in Melbourne On the market ($ 9 million salary cap), there are $ 11 million worth of players.

“You put the bulldog on the market. Their $ 9 million salary cap. You can’t get 7-6 million for them.”

James Hooper replied: “If you’re talking about building a roster, the rules play a big part in that. Look at Jason Taumarollo in a $ 10 million deal for that decade. He’s under a different set of rules. Signed. Given the changes we made, is he worth the same amount? “

Kent added: “You look at other clubs and wonder why there is a puncture. Kronura-Newtown sophomore salary cap $ 2 million. Fifita, Dugan, Townsend. Why can’t they compete, or I wonder if they are doing very well to compete.

“It’s happening everywhere in the competition.”

He continued. “There are many clubs that don’t know what they’re buying. They’re in trouble with their managers.”

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His fellow panelists insisted that the situation was not new, but he replied: Contract offer) will be opened across the road at another club for more money.

“So they kick stones until the club goes and appear in six weeks of training:” What do you know, we have to let him go. ”

“And what they do is basically poaching players. This is what the salary cap does not intend. They poach and pay players within the scope of the deal. I’m doing it!

“The salary cap is out of control because so many players are over, and that’s why the club isn’t deep now.”

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The Daily Telegraph Phil Rothfield added: “There’s a really good example here that you can put in. Great, great, tough, tough advancement: Dale Finnkane. What is he doing in Melbourne, maybe $ 650 (k)? His contract ends And he probably got $ 950,000, almost a million at Wests Tigers. Do you think he’ll go there? [No, came the reply from his fellow panellists.]

“Why does he go there?”

Kent replied: “This is a matter of competition. You said Dale Finucane is $ 650 (thousands) in Melbourne, the Tigers have to offer him $ 950,000 to get him interested. No. That’s the $ 300 (thousand) they’re absorbing in their caps, which Melbourne doesn’t have to do. “

Then Kent gives another example, stating: Canterbury is back and said he will offer the minimum wage. This is what we consider you worth. It is a downgrade of payment.

“At that price, Melbourne said:” If he was the minimum wage, we would throw him a minimum wage contract. “They threw him a minimum wage contract. That’s why Nick Meaney chose to play at Canterbury at the minimum wage or Melbourne at the minimum wage.

Of course, he went to Melbourne. He signed there. “

But Kent didn’t blame the big names in the situation.

He states: “It’s not a criticism of Melbourne. They got the right to do it. The Roosters did the same, South did the same for a while. A good club is for players to win. You get the right to sign the player at a discounted rate because you get there for less money. “

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However, Rothfield said the salary cap issue and the toxic club culture debate helped avoid accountability within the rugby league hierarchy, especially within the ARL committee.

He states: “This is a useful discussion to spotlight all rule changes. When asked at Clubland, many blame the rule changes.”

He added: He is all that face and he likes to take rap for many things in progress.

“I want to see the committee. How are all these things pushed through? Why was the committee’s rugby league expert Wayne Pearce there for 10 years? He said these I’ve pushed through many of the rules, but I’ve never been criticized for them. “

NRL Premiership 2021, News, Scores, Rule Changes, 6 Rules, Analysis, Salary Cap,

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