NRL Predicted Team List: Potential Lineup of All Round 23 Teams

Round 22 ended the major drama, two players were sent off, and many other celebrities were set to spend time on the sidelines due to suspension.

Both Ryan Matterson and Corey Harawilla Naela faced a three-game ban on high tackles and were ordered to march. Victor Radley is also facing a three-week ban due to Albert Kelly’s dangerous tackle.

In terms of injuries, the worse news is for the dragon, who had Andrew McCullough and Blake Raleigh miss the rest of the season, but Andrew Fifita, the front row of sharks, suffered from a sore throat.

More positive news is that Nelson Asofa Solomona, Luke Thompson, Alex Johnston and others will be recovering from the injury this week.

Here’s how each side is likely to line up in Round 23:

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Gold Coast Titans VS Melbourne Storm

Thursday, August 19th, Cbus Super Stadium (7.50pm)

Titans predicted the team:

1. Jayden Campbell
2. Greg Marzhew
3. Brian Kelly
4. Patrick Herbert
5. Corey Thompson
6. Ash Taylor
7. Toby Sexton
8. Jarod Wallace
9. Mitch Rain
10. Moe Akifotsu Squid
11. Kevin Proctor
17. Bo Farmer
13. Tino Fa’asuamaleaui

12. David Fifita
14. Tyrone Peachey
15. Sam Lisone
16. Jaimin Jorif

Titans Team News:

AJ Brimson (jaw) will be excluded and Jayden Campbell will replace him with a full back.

Storm prediction team:

1. Nicho Hines
2. Dean Jeremiah
3. Raymis Smith
4. Justin Olam
5. Josh Addo-Carr
6. Cameron Münster
7. Jafflome Hughes
8. Jesse Bromwich
9. Brandon Mychal
10. Christian Welch
11. Felise Kaufusi
12. Kenny Bromwich
13. Dale Finucane

14. Harry Grant
15. Chris Lewis
16. Nelson Asofa-Solo Mona
17. Ryan Papen Heisen

Storm Team News:

Nelson Asofa-Solomona (hamstring) dropped out late against Canberra, but should be well suited to return to this clash.

Expect Craig Bellamy to rest some players a few weeks before the finals begin.

Canberra Raiders vs Manly Sea Eagles

Friday, August 20, Suncorp Stadium (6 pm)

Raiders predicted the team:

1. Jordan Rapana
2. Bailey Simonsson
3. Jarod Croker
4. Matt Timoko
5. Harley Miss Shield
6. Jack Wyton
7. Sam Williams
8. Josh Papary
9. Josh Hodgson
10. Joseph Tapine
11. Hudson Young
12. Elliott Whitehead
13. Ryan Sutton

14. Siriba Havili
15. Emre Guler
16. Dunamis Louis
17. Sia Soliola

Raiders Team News:

Both Tom Sterling (jaw) and Corey Harawilla Naela (suspension) will be unavailable in the coming weeks. Expect Siriba Havili and Dunamis Louis to come to the bench.

Jarrod Croker (HIA) must pass the protocol to play. If he is excluded, SebKris could enter the starting side.

Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad (neck) is approaching recovery from injury and may be included late.

Sea Eagles predicted the team:

1. Ruben Garrick
2. Jason Serve
3. Moses pickpocket
4. Morgan Harper
5. Tevita Huna
6. Kieran Foran
7. Daily Cherry Evans
8. Josh Aloiai
9. Lachlan Croker
10. Martin Topau
11. Haumole Olakau’atu
12. Josh Schuster
13. Jake Tobojevic

14. Dylan Walker
15. Carl Lawton
16. Curtis Sironen
17. Toafofoa Sipley

Sea Eagles Team News:

Superstar fullback Tom Trbojevic (cheekbone) will miss the next couple of weeks, hitting the high-flying Sea Eagles. Reuben Garrick is likely to shift to full back, with Tevita Funa coming to the side of the wing.

Toafofoa Sipley (suspension) returns to the bench and pushes Kurt De Luis out of 17.

Penrith Panthers VS South Sydney Rabbitos

Friday, August 20th, Suncorp Stadium (8:05 pm)

Panthers predicted the team:

1. Dylan Edwards
2. Paul Momirovsky
3. Stephen Cryton
4. Matt Burton
5. Brent Naden
6. Jarome Leai
7. Nathan Cleary
8. Moses Leotard
9. Apico Roy Sau
10. James Fisher Harris
11. Villiame Kikau
12. Cart Cape Well
13. Isa Yo

14. Mitchell Kenny
15. Scott Sorensen
16. Liam Martin
17. Matt Eisenhart

Panthers Team News:

James Fisher Harris (for personal reasons), Kurt Capewell (suspension) and Api Koroysau (suspension) are all returning to the Penrith lineup this week.

Liam Martin, Mitchell Kenny and Matt Eisenhart will all move to the bench, and Isaac Tago, Jaman Hopgood and Jaman Salmon will be absent.

There is no return date for Tevita Pangai Junior (for personal reasons).

Rabbitohs predicted the team:

1. Latrel Mitchell
2. Josh Mansour
3. Dane Gagai
4. Taane Milne
5. Alex Johnston
6. Cody Walker
7. Adam Reynolds
8. Mark Nichols
9. Damian Cook
10. Tom Burgess
11. Keyon Koroamatangi
12. Jay Arrow
13. Cameron Murray

14. Benji Marshall
15. Jacob Host
16. Tevita Tatra
17. Jaydn Su’A

Rabbitohs Team News:

Alex Johnston (hamstring) is expected to return this week, perhaps kicking Jackson Paul aside.

Dane Gagai (hamstring) dropped out late against the Titans, but needs to come back this week to get Braidon Burns out of the center.

Campbell Graham (concussion) missed last month but may be included late.

Wests Tigers VS Cronulla-Sharks

Saturday, August 21st, Brown Park Rockhampton (3pm)

The Tigers predicted the team:

1. Moses Mibai
2. David Nofoalma
3. Michael Chi Cam
4. Tommy Talau
5. Kenmaumaro
6. Adam Dueich
7. Luke Brooks
8. Stephanou Toy Kamanu
9. Jake Simpkin
10. James Tamou
11. Sean Blower
12. Luciano Railua
13. Alex Toile

14. Joe Ofaengaue
15. Kerma Tuiragi
16. Tuxin Pukins
17. Tom Amon

Tigers Team News:

Both Jacob Riddle and Thomas Mikaele will be absent for a week due to suspension. Jake Simpkin moves to the starting side with a hooker and Alex Toile starts with a rock.

James Tamou (foot) missed a round 22 clash with the cowboys, but should be well suited to return here.

The shark predicted the team:

1. Kennedy
2. Shione Katoa
3. Shioshifa Tarakai
4. Jesse Ramian
5. Ronaldo Muritaro
6. Connor Tracy
7. Blade to Lindal
8. Braden Hamlin Welle
9. Blayke Brailey
10. Aaron Woods
11. Briton Nicola
12. Jack Williams
13. Toby Rudolph

14. Luke Metcalf
15. Billy Magrias
16. Kai O’Donnell
17. Daniel Vazquez

Sharks Team News:

Andrew Fifita (throat) appears to be on the sidelines, suffering a “serious injury” to his larynx after losing to Newcastle. Caionel could be a bench replacement.

Aiden Tolman is facing a one-game suspension and Daniel Vazquez could be replaced on the bench.

Canterbury Bulldog vs Newcastle Knights

Saturday, August 21st, Cbus Super Stadium (5:30 pm)

Bulldog predicted the team:

1. Nick Meaney
2. Jayden Okumball
3. Become a Hopeport
4. Aaron Shup
5. Faraki Komanu
6. Bailey Bion Diodo
7. Kyle Flanagan
8. Luke Thompson
9. Jeremy Marshall-King
10. Ryan James
11. Adam Elliot
12. Matt Dooly
13. Josh Jackson

14. Shione Katoa
15. Chris Patro
16. Corey Horseberg
17. Ava Seumanufagai

Bulldog Team News:

Kyle Flanagan looks like Jake Aberillo (hand) has been injured by the Warriors and is ready to take another shot on the side.

Luke Thompson (suspension) will be back. This could move Ava Seumanufagai to the bench.

The Knights predicted the team:

1. Karin Ponga
2. Enary Tuara
4. Bradman Best
5. Heimel Hunt
6. Jake Clifford
7. Mitchell Pierce
8. Jacob Sifity
9. Jayden Brailey
10. David Clemmer
11. Brody Jones
12. Mitchell Burnett
13. Connor Watson

14. Sauaso Sue
15. Saku Sasaki
16. Joshua King
17. Jiramo Moisea

Knights Team News:

Daniel Sifity (knee) appears to be set as a bystander stint. David Clemmer starts in the front row and Joshua King may come to the bench.

Tyson Frizell is facing a one-game suspension due to high tackle, with Brody Jones on the starting side and Jira Momoisea on the bench.

Parramatta Eels VS North Queensland Cowboys

Saturday, August 21st, Cbus Super Stadium (7.35pm)

Eels predicted the team:

1. Clint Gatterson
2. Maika Sivo
3. Tom Opachic
4. Waka break
5. Michael Oldfield
6. Dylan Brown
7. Mitchell Moses
8. Oregon Kaufushi
9. Joey Lucic
10. Junior Paul
11. Shawn Lane
12. Isaiah Papali’i
13. Nathan Brown

14. Will Smith
15. Bryce Cartwright
16. Marathi Niukore
17. Makaheshimakatoa

Eels Team News:

Ryan Matterson has been faced as a bystander for weeks after a high tackle to Brad Parker.

Isaiah Papali’i will probably return to the edge, and Oregon Kaufusi (concussion) will return to the props.

Cowboys predicted the team:

1. Valentine Holmes
2. Kyle felt
3. Daejarn Asi
4. Mareta Uragi
5. Ben Hampton
6. Scott Drinkwater
7. Tom Dareden
8. Francis Morro
9. Reese Robson
10. Jordan McLean
11. Ben Condon
12. Heilum Luki
13. Cohen Hess

14. Jake Granville
15. Tom Gilbert
16. Mitchell Dan
17. Lachlan Bar

Cowboys Team News:

Both Murray Tauragi (concussion) and Lachlan Bar (concussion) are expected to return due to this collision.

Griffin Neem has been charged with a Grade 1 crusher tackle since his debut and has faced a week-long bystander.

St. George Irawara Dragons VS Sydney Roosters

Sunday, August 22nd, Cliveberghofer Stadium Toowoomba (2:00 pm)

Dragons predicted the team:

1. Jack Bird
2. Matt Feagai
3. Gerald Beer
4. Zack Lomax
5. Mika Elera Barawa
6. Junior Amon
7. Corey Norman
8. Josh Kerr
9. Adam Kroon
10. Josh McGuire
11. TariqSims
12. Tyrell Huimaono
13. Jack de Belin

14. Billy Burns
15. Jackson Ford
16. Jayden Hunt
17. Kaide Ellis

Dragons Team News:

Even worse news for Red V, where both prostitute Andrew McCullough (ankle) and front row Blake Raleigh (hand) are set to miss the rest of the season.

Adam Kroon is a candidate who is likely to move to the role of Hooker, and the young gun Junior Amon could be halved after impressing Penrith.

Tariq Sims (suspension) is back this week. Billy Burns moves to the bench.

After competing for points in the last few weeks, Anthony Griffin said he would consider returning Matt Dafty to the side with a full back in Round 23.

The Roosters predicted the team:

1. James Tedesco
2. Daniel Tupou
3. Adam Keilan
4. Joseph Manu
5. Dale Copley
6. Drew Hutchison
7. Sam Walker
8. Jared Waerea-Hargreaves
9. Sam Verills
10. Sio Siua Taukeiaho
11. Nut Butcher
12. Sitili Tupouniua
13. Isaac Riu

14. Lachlan Lamb
15. Eagan Butcher
16. Fletcher Baker
17. Nowfaf White

Roosters Team News:

Victor Radley faces a three-game ban on dangerous tackles against Albert Kelly, and Isaac Riu could move to rock.

Jared Waerea-Hargreaves has rested against Brisbane but will be back this week to go straight to the start side.

Brisbane Broncos vs New Zealand Warriors

Sunday, August 22nd, Suncorp Stadium (4:05 pm)

Broncos predicted the team:

1. Teshiniu
2. Corey oats
3. Selwyn Cobbo
4. Harvey Fernworth
5. Xavier Coats
6. Anthony Milford
7. Albert Kelly
8. Tom Flegler
9. Danny Levay
10. Pain Haas
11. Alex Glen
12. Jordan Riki
13. Kobe Hesslinton

14. Reese Kennedy
15.TC Lobati
16. Ethan Vallemore
17. Brendan Piakla

Broncos Team News:

Tyson Gambling is facing a crusher tackle stop and has a hand injury. Anthony Milford could replace him on the starting side.

Harvey Fernworth was a late omission to The Roosters, but should be back this week.

Xavier Willison (knee) was excluded for the rest of the season. Brendan Piakla is the man who is likely to replace him on the bench.

The Warriors predicted the team:

1. Reese Walsh
2. Darin Watene-Zelezniak
3. Petahiku
4. Adam Pompeii
5. Marcelo Montoya
6. Chanel Harris Tabita
7. Sean O’Sullivan
8. Addin Fonua-Blake
9. Wade Eagan
10. Jackson fly
11. Josh Karan
12. Yuan Aitken
13. Jazz Tevega

14. Kodiniko Lima
15. Josh Karan
16. Jamayne Taunoa-Brown
17. Elie Sakatoa

Warriors Team News:

Darin Watene-Zelezniak (suspension) will be back this week and Edward Koshi is likely to miss.

No other changes are expected after winning Canterbury.

NRL Predicted Team List: Potential Lineup of All Round 23 Teams

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