Novatti completes acquisition of ATX

Fintech companies listed on ASX Novatti We have completed the acquisition of ATX, a major payment fintech in Southeast Asia based in Malaysia.

ATX provides e-wallet providers, traditional retailers and kiosks with digital payment services such as third-party invoices and product payments.

This acquisition is in line with Novatti’s other recent growth activities in the Southeast Asian region. Partnership with Ripple in Thailand, After Launched in the Philippines In 2021.

It also offers additional strategic value, such as:

  • Access to an established network of over 30,000 payment touchpoints across Malaysia
  • ATX’s strong leadership team. CEO and Director – Includes founders who hold strategy positions, remain employed after acquisitions, and ensure continuity.
  • Access to ATX’s existing innovative solutions and technologies, including electronic wallets

Novatti’s Managing Director Peter Cook said: “Completion of the ATX acquisition is a milestone in Novatti’s growth strategy. A core element of this strategy is the pursuit of acquisitions, which will appreciate the pipeline of further opportunities.

“We look forward to joining Novatti with the ATX team to expand our existing business, introduce additional Novatti services such as billing, and expand further across Southeast Asia, where digital payments are expected to grow,” Cook said. Ended. ..

Novatti completes acquisition of ATX

Source link Novatti completes acquisition of ATX

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