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Novak Djokovic’s visa has been canceled again.This is what’s happening right now

Djokovic’s lawyer Paul Holdensen demanded a full court of three judges instead of one to hear the appeal on Sunday.

Government lawyer Stephen Lloyd said the government opposed a full court referral. He also requested a live record of the Sunday hearing.

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If that applies directly to the three judges, the decision cannot later be appealed to the full bench.

The decision on how many judges will be present on Sunday is scheduled for the second half of Saturday.

Djokovic attended a meeting with immigration authorities on Saturday morning as part of a court order issued by Judge Anthony Kelly of the Federal Circuit on Friday.

Nine News has released a photo of Djokovic returning to the immigration camp at the Carlton’s Park Hotel after 3:30 pm on Saturday.

Currently, 32 asylum seekers and refugees are being detained at the Park Hotel.

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Many of the men in the facility have been in the Australian immigration system for nearly a decade and are not allowed to leave the detention center during a court battle.

In recent weeks, a fire broke out at the facility and detainees Reported eating maggots and mold.. It is also the site of the outbreak of COVID-19, infecting half of the detainees and about 20 staff.

“The presence of Djokovic can lead to more anti-vax emotions.”

Djokovic, who has not been vaccinated against COVID-19, arrived in the country last Thursday for the Australian Open. He was detained by border authorities and his visa was revoked.

Australia’s pandemic response includes claims that visa holders must either be double vaccinated or show acceptable evidence that they cannot be vaccinated to enter the country without quarantine.

The first cancellation was later overturned by federal courts for impartiality, but Djokovic faced uncertainty about his future at the Australian Open and could have a second visa cancellation from the Immigration Minister. there was.

Novak Djokovic practice at Margaret Court Arena in Melbourne, Australia, Thursday, January 13, 2022.

Source: AP

In a court document uploaded online on Saturday, Mr. Hawk believed that the presence of a tennis star in Australia would “promote feelings against vaccination” and “citizen’s anxiety,” so Djokovic’s visa was given two. It became clear that it was canceled for the second time.

“Mr. Jokovic’s continued presence in Australia can lead to increased sentiment against vaccination in the Australian community, which in itself is the kind of public anxiety previously experienced in Australia in rallies and protests. I think it could lead to an increase in the number of people in the community. ”

Hawk also said that allowing Djokovic to stay in Australia would “refuse other unvaccinated people to be vaccinated” or reduce Australia’s COVID-19 booster jab intake. He said he had sex.

“Given his well-known attitude towards vaccination, he is concerned that his presence in Australia creates a risk of increasing the opposition to vaccination in the minority of the Australian community,” he said. Told.

Hawk also said he “ignored” Djokovic’s need to quarantine after a positive test. Serbs admitted to attending interviews and photography a few days after being infected with the virus last month.

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However, Djokovic’s lawyer said the minister was “obviously unreasonable” in that driving tennis stars out of the country did not consider stimulating the same opposition to vaccination.

They also said Mr. Hawk “did not quote evidence” to support the idea that Djokovic’s presence in Australia could encourage sentiment against vaccination.

Djokovic’s lawyer submitted a revised application on Saturday afternoon, adding a third reason for the dismissal.

They also said they would argue that the discovery that Djokovic had a “well-known stance on vaccination” was not open to the minister.

They said the findings were based on a statement made by Mr. Djokovic in 2020, and the minister did not seek Djokovic’s current views on vaccination.

The Australian Open began on Monday and Djokovic is about to win his tenth title at the event.

Djokovic will be nominated in a draw on Thursday to play against Serbian compatriot Miomir Kecmanovic.

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Novak Djokovic’s visa has been canceled again.This is what’s happening right now

Source link Novak Djokovic’s visa has been canceled again.This is what’s happening right now

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