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“Not Read”: Bridget Mackenzie confesses that he has not read the Climate Program

A senior member of parliament admitted that he had not yet read the prime minister’s climate change plan before and after the Senate estimates.

Early on Tuesday, Scott Morrison announced the long-awaited climate change program, committing Australia to a carbon-neutral future by 2050.

Under this plan, more than $ 20 billion will be invested in low-emission technologies, including carbon capture and storage.

Labor Party Kristina Keneally took up the issue in a quote and put pressure on Emergency Management Minister Bridget McKenzie.

Senate sparring began when Senator Mackenzie was asked how the documents distributed by the government on climate planning reflected the attitude of the Kuomintang room at Net Zero.

Camera iconSenator Mackenzie warned last week that if the prime minister moved on the net zero without nuts, it would be ugly. NCA NewsWire / Gary Ramage credit: News Corp Australia

“If it was finalized and printed before the Kuomintang we met on Sunday, how would this represent the Kuomintang plan,” Senator Kenya Lee asked.

Senator Mackenzie replied: “Recently, Senator Kennery can change the document very easily. I don’t make those assumptions.”

Senator Kennery continued: “Is this guaranteed to be completed and printed only after the Nationals meet on Sunday?”

Senator Mackenzie argued, “I honestly haven’t seen the document … you’re shaking a little blue paper.”

The resentful senator asked Kennery how he could know what the government’s plan was if the minister wasn’t looking at the government’s plan.

“I read the media release of the National Federation of Farmers,” replied Senator Mackenzie.

The plan follows a week-long play by the people who bartered with the Liberal Party over a “principle agreement” to reach net zero emissions by 2005.

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Camera iconThe prime minister announced his plans early Tuesday, promising a technological approach rather than a tax. NCA NewsWire / Martin Ollman credit: News Corp Australia

On Sunday, Kuomintang leader Barnaby Joyce met with the Prime Minister to inform him of the coalition’s junior partner’s request.

Senator Mackenzie, who was asked about the deal on Monday, remained shy, claiming he wouldn’t talk about the “fight club.”

“I’ll tell you what’s in the Cabinet submission? Hmm, tough. The first rule of a fight club is not to talk about a fight club,” she said.

“Not Read”: Bridget Mackenzie confesses that he has not read the Climate Program

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