“Not enough”: Scrutiny of major tigers increasing in offseason

Scrutiny by Michael Magwire and Luke Brooks will be enhanced off-season on the Tigers board to carry out a full-scale review at the end of another disappointing year for the club.

The Tigers final drought begins with many pre-season promises and continues for the tenth consecutive year, followed by a year with few indications.

Recruit Drive, headed by former Panthers skipper James Tamou, wasn’t enough to improve the results of the puzzled club in 13th place towards the final round clash with the Bulldog on Sunday. ..

Magwire remains contracted until the end of 2023 But while it doesn’t curb scrutiny of his position, the future of star halfback Luke Brooks also suggests that the Tigers won’t hesitate to offer interesting offers from rival clubs for his service during the season. It’s cloudy in the report.

Tigers Chairman Lee Hagi Panteris SEN The club’s board said it owes fans to ask for an answer after another year of pain.

He didn’t comment on the future of Magwire and Brooks, but the pair will definitely be in the limelight when the review takes place.

“This year was a disappointing year,” said Hagipanteris.

“We all sat down at the end of the year, doing a detailed review of the years gone by, asking many difficult questions, and more importantly, publicly informing us that we demand difficult answers.

“These boys put in every week. There is no doubt about their efforts, commitment and pride in jumpers, but that is not reflected in the results in the field and that is not enough.

“I have to sit down at the end of the year and think about what I need to do.”

The Tigers power broker has spoken frankly in the past for trusting Magwire as the man who derives the club from this rut, but patience is definitely starting to diminish.

In this season’s defense, the Tigers have averaged 29.3 points per game. This is the worst defensive record since Magwire took command three seasons ago.

Recruitment is another issue that continues to plague clubs, and Dale Finucan and Tevita Pangai Junior are the latest big names that the Tigers are interested in but have failed to land.

So far, their new arrivals next season include the Star Super League duo Jackson Hastings and Oliver Gildar.

“We owe it to our fans and members. We have 400,000 people who identify ourselves and our fans and members of the West Tigers. We owe it to them. They are our stakeholders,” said Hagipantelis. I added.

“They have now gone through a decade longing for a team they can be proud of and a team that actually achieves lasting success.”

“Not enough”: Scrutiny of major tigers increasing in offseason

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