Northfork and New World Launch New Shopable Recipe Service

Foodstuffs, New Zealand’s largest grocery retailer, has partnered with top recipe shopping technology provider Northfork to offer recipes that can be shopped through them. new world Store.

New World integrates Northfork’s technology to provide customers with shoppable recipes on their website, along with meal planning capabilities.

“This is an important strategic initiative that encourages New World customers to discover new recipes and enjoy their weekly shops in unprecedented ways. Now, all the ingredients for each recipe are in the cart with a single click. You can add more to make online shopping faster, “says Pippa. Head of Marketing and Customer Experience at Prain, New World

“Moreover, you can see all the nutritional information and the estimated cost of each recipe, which makes it easier to manage your budget.

“We are committed to providing our customers with exciting solutions, great experiences and fair value every day. Shoppable recipes and dietary plans can help you achieve all three of these efforts. . “

Deploying new technologies in NewWorld has become quick and easy thanks to Northfork’s easy-to-implement widgets.

“We have searched all over the world for partners with the right level of data sophistication and future thinking skills to enable the rich customer experience we were looking for. Northfolk is me in that regard. We exceeded our expectations, “said Paul Bartlett, Head of Customer Products.

Northfork co-founder Erik Wallin added that the company’s strategic, structural approach, and “best-in-class” validation criteria mean that implementation can proceed.

“The new world’s strategic and structured approach and best-in-class validation criteria meant that implementation could proceed quickly,” he said.

“Our widgets are designed to provide a fast and efficient process that quickly brings Northfork’s technology and expertise to the hands of our clients.

“Supported by open and widespread communication, this meant that we were able to move even faster than the already ambitious roadmap we had agreed with New World for smooth development.”

Despite being on the other side of the world, partnerships are very effective.

As such, partners have already discussed further ways in which Northfork’s technology will continue to support New World’s position as a leading grocery retailer and offer multiple benefits to customers, suppliers, and third-party publishers. I am.

Northfork and New World Launch New Shopable Recipe Service

Source link Northfork and New World Launch New Shopable Recipe Service

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