No time to see 007 return to number 001

Australia’s box office revenue was $ 16.02 million this week, last week$ 10.15 million.

Take over the top position from Legend of Xiangqi and Ten Ring Last week was a fellow Marvel movie Eternals..Reign of Eternals But it only lasted for a week I have no time to die -latest James bond Franchise-Debut with a crown.

This time, James Bond enjoys a quiet life in Jamaica after leaving active duty. But his peace is short-lived, as his old CIA friend Felix Leiter appears and asks for help.

Dropping out of the top 5 this week Halloween kill..

# 1, 007 / No Time to Die, $ 11.23 million

25th movie James bond Series, and the fifth and final appearance Daniel Craig As an iconic spy, this week averaged $ 13,744 on 817 screens.

# 2, Eternals, $ 2.5 million

directed by Chloe Zhao – Same woman behind Nomads – – Eternals It tells the story of a race of superhuman immortal beings who have lived secretly on Earth for thousands of years. This week, it averaged $ 5,423 on 461 screens, for a total of $ 10.48 million.

# 3, Ron’s Gone, $ 499,732

Although there was a significant drop between 2nd and 3rd place this week, the animated film earned a significant $ 1,791 on 279 screens in the 3rd week. Ron’s Gone Wrong earned a total of $ 1.73 million.

# 4, Sooryavanshi, $ 366,332

Sooryavanshi follows DCP Veer Sooryavanshi, the head of India’s counterterrorism force. He earned a total of $ 1.16 million, averaging $ 5,468 on 67 screens this week.

# 5, Xiangqi and Tenling Legend, $ 328,464

After putting nine of the 11 weeks at the top, Xiangqi and the Legend of the Ten Ring fell to fifth place this week. It averaged $ 2,566 on 128 screens, for a total of $ 16.78 million.

No time to see 007 return to number 001

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