No quick fix for bulldogs after huge losses

Discouraged Trent Barrett said he knew where Canterbury wouldn’t work, but admitted that it wouldn’t be a quick solution after his side lost to South Sydney 38-0.

The Bulldog became the second team in NRL history to lose three games in a row without scoring points, but the 16 points managed in the first four games of the season are the worst since the 1928 Greaves.

A former Manly coach was taken to a bulldog after fine-tuning an electric attack with Penrith last year.

But the bulldog’s progress wasn’t that fast, with Barrett defending his new halfback Kyle Flanagan from concussion after losing 5/8 of Lachlan Lewis in a concussion early in the match on Friday.

“100 percent (it’s unfair to blame Flanagan),” Barrett said.

“He has a poor young Jackson Topin who is a utility playing in Hooker, he has Hooker playing in 5/8 … it’s not all in Kyle.

It’s not as easy as saying,’Change your style or do something different.’

“If it was easy, everyone would be an NRL coach and you would fix it, but it’s not.

“But this is not the forum I would like to discuss about it.

“I organize it in my team and move forward and organize what we do, who we hire and in what style we want to play.”

To make matters worse, the bulldog appears to have left the field shortly after losing a full-back Nick Minnie with a broken rib after being crunched by Latrel Mitchell’s tackle later in the game.

Prop Jack Heatherington is also at risk of missing game time after being pinged for a crusher tackle at Cameron Murray in the first half of Friday.

Darin Watene-Zelezniak will return from suspension next week and Josh Jackson and Luke Thompson will face Melbourne.

“I can’t blame them for working hard and sticking together,” Barrett said.

“They will appear every week, appear on Monday and experience the same thing, and we just have to keep working hard.”

No quick fix for bulldogs after huge losses

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