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“No contempt”: Daniel Andrews swipes Perotet across borders

Victoria’s Prime Minister Daniel Andrews delved into his New South Wales counterpart when asked about the border at a daily press conference on Sunday.

New South Wales Prime Minister Dominic Perrott defeated the Prime Minister this week to open the border when foreign Australians said they could return to New South Wales from November 1.

But Andrews said it would be up to the country’s cabinet to decide when the Victorian border would reopen.

Camera iconVictoria’s Prime Minister Daniel Andrews said the state would not move across national borders before the state’s cabinet decided. NCA NewsWire / David Crosling credit: News Corp Australia

“I don’t downplay my colleagues in New South Wales. I’m not here to announce the issuance of visas and passports,” he said.

“I don’t control the border.

“I think the federal government is politely pointing it out to the Government of New South Wales.

“But in any case, we will soon have a National Council of Ministers to discuss all these issues.”

Andrews said Victoria will allow home quarantine of vaccinated Australians arriving abroad in accordance with New South Wales.

He said home quarantine would be less than 14 days.

But he did not set a date for the border to reopen.

Perotet presser
Camera iconPrime Minister Dominic Perrott surprised the country when New South Wales announced that it would begin accepting international arrivals from November 1st this week. NCA NewsWire / Flavio Brancaleone credit: News Corp Australia

Andrews also swiped the federal vaccine deployment. This prioritized Sydney and kept Melbourne locked down longer, he said.

He said he was only a few weeks behind New South Wales’ plans to reopen, given that Victorians “know and understand how many additional vaccines there were.” I blessed you.

“As I said, it’s the credit of all Victorians, their beliefs, their compassion, and their absolute determination to achieve this,” he said.

“They (NSW) are 80% and we are likely to be 70%.

“We know why they are 80 percent. None of us can change that.

“Why was it blocked? Because I didn’t have the vaccine.

“Why did we impose rules, density restrictions, and all sorts of unimaginable restrictions on people’s lives? Because we didn’t have vaccines.”

As Andrews has set Victoria to reach a double vaccination rate of 70% earlier than planned, there are many restrictions on releasing it at 11:59 pm on Thursday, and Victoria will close early. There was a comment when I announced that it would be released.

“No contempt”: Daniel Andrews swipes Perotet across borders

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