NJ deli worth 9 digits

Hometown International (HWIN) Issues:

  • One of the more unique stories of the New Year, this aggressive risk-on theme in equities is the Hometown International story highlighted by David Einhorn of Greenlight Capital in a recent note.
  • The New Jersey deli was listed in 2020 and has risen significantly in price, eventually surpassing its $ 100 million market capitalization.
  • However, the company’s sales were only about $ 35,000 over that period, highlighting its extreme inefficiency.

Hometown International Inc (HWIN) is another OTC trading asset under the news headlines. Hedge fund manager David Einhorn warned about the company in a recent letter from a customer. “Someone pointed out to us Hometown International (HWIN), which owns one deli in the countryside of New Jersey. The deli was closed by COVID from March to September, so 2019 sales are With $ 21,772 and 2020 sales of just $ 13,976, HWIN reached a market value of $ 113 million on February 8th … Pastorami must be great. “This OTC stock is on the retail market. Although not typical of enthusiasts, Einhorn’s memos have caught the attention of financial media, retailers, and OTC exchange operators. Delisted on April 21st Retailers trying to buy this meme are now out of luck because they don’t meet the listing requirements.

Since delisting, there is little reason to share any kind of analysis. Einhorn’s notes and comments on the topic seem to emphasize how aggressive market participants have become, with a small deli with sales of less than $ 35,000 in two years rating a nine-digit rating. You can trade.

People often take more risk when cash is cheap. And if cash remains cheap for a long time and many of the recognized bargains are “expensive,” investors may look deeper into the sofa cushions and try to find that extra ROI. not. This defines the current environment and has the extraordinary benefits found in meme coins like Dogecoin. Opportunities look plentiful, but there are risks. It’s important to know what you’re investing in. Otherwise, the New Jersey deli can be lengthened with quirky ratings.

Hometown International (HWIN) Weekly Price Chart

Chart created by James Stanley, Source: TradingView

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— Written by Izaac Brook, DailyFX Research Intern, James Stanley, Senior Strategist

NJ deli worth 9 digits

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