Nicky Osborne accused of Abbey Chatfield and Matt Agnew in a Harvey Weinstein joke

Formerly I’m a celebrity contestant Nikki Osborne, who was blown up by other Australian stars with different-colored jokes, but she says it’s all wrong.

Australian comedian Nikki Osborne has won the wrath of two reality stars after posting a suspicious meme featuring Harvey Weinstein in connection with comedian vaccines.

The meme features convicted sex offender Harvey Weinstein and actor Lindsay Lohan with the caption “No original jab, no work” to oblige the vaccine to the #MeToo movement. It seems to be compared to Weinstein’s horrific “pillow sales” crime that caused it.

NS Shameful movie producer Current 23 years in prison After being found Convicted of rape and sexual assault last year..

Just for laughter Host Osborne deleted the image shortly after posting, but not before former reality star and podcaster Abbey Chatfield got the image. Bachelor He himself, Matt Agnew.

In a series of videos shared on her Instagram Stories on Monday, Abbie started by assuming that Nikki wasn’t anti-Vax “because it’s annoying for live performers.”

“Imagine that women in the industry find it interesting to make fun of victims of rape and sexual assault. The jokes about rape are not interesting. It’s about your own sexual assault as a coping mechanism. Unless otherwise.

“Have you ever been sexually assaulted by Nikki? If you have, what are you doing? If not, what are you doing? Raped friends Yes Is it because most people have it? “

Abbey continued. “So to make a joke like you’re sitting there and raping a life-saving vaccine …

“I don’t know if you’re Antibacs, but that’s a silly joke. The analogy of vaccines to rape is one of the most disgusting things I’ve seen in my life.

“Imagine being so absorbed in comedy that you have to make fun of rape victims,” ​​she added.

of His own reaction to Osborne’s post, The former Bachelor Matt Agnew, whose season was featured as a runner-up in Abbey, began with a warning that triggered sexual abuse and assault.

“Nicky Osborne has made jokes very publicly, and I think it’s most important to tackle some huge issues with the” jokes “said. As always, that’s the point I want to discuss and challenge, not the person, “he said.

“At the heart of the joke is the image of Harvey Weinstein. The systematic decades of sexual harassment and sexual abuse of Harvey Weinstein have led to the vitality of the #MeToo movement. Survivors of sexual assault. The #MeToo movement, founded by activist Tarana Weinstein, confronts and calmly reminds us that sexual harassment, harassment and abuse of women are not new and not uncommon. ” He is writing.

In that respect, Agnew discusses the importance of men in contributing to the change towards normalization of rape humor, calling the style of jokes “unpleasant” and what is considered “humor” in the social arena. I included a quote.

He wrote, including a slide on freedom of speech:

“I strongly condemn personal attacks, trolling, and personal vitriols, but there are people who engage in such rude commentary. Unfortunately, they have the right to do that,” he wrote. increase.

Nikki posted a reply to her anger on her Instagram story on Monday night, writing: Your quarrel is not with me. I am on your team. The warmest, casting couch survivor. “

Earlier this month Agnew was praised for his thoughts Vaccination status of Sam Frost, later Home and away Posted by a star Emotional 5-minute video She revealed that she had chosen not to vaccinate against Covid and appealed to those who made the same decision as her for “compassion” and “empathy.”

Astrophysicists said they didn’t want to contribute to the “pile-on” against Frost. Frost said in a video that he had to take care of his mental health while waiting until December 1st, when he could enjoy the same freedom as an unvaccinated person. It was double jabed.

“Sam Frost started with a long confession about not being vaccinated. The simplest is the dog whistle,” Agnew began. Political term It is used to describe messaging for fringes or niche groups, while appearing “superficially undisputed.” Next, he outlined four video issues. Fully listed here..

Initially published as follows Abbey Chatfield accuses comedian Nikki Osborne of “disgusting” Weinstein jokes

Nicky Osborne accused of Abbey Chatfield and Matt Agnew in a Harvey Weinstein joke

Source link Nicky Osborne accused of Abbey Chatfield and Matt Agnew in a Harvey Weinstein joke

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