Newspoll: Scott Morrison faces a difficult election campaign

Scott Morrison’s potential for reelection could be at risk as new analysis reveals that a major group of voters are turning their backs on the government.

Part-time, blue-collar workers could endanger the chances of Morrison’s re-election as new analysis shows that voter groups are turning their backs on the coalition.

According to a Newspoll analysis conducted between July and September, Queensland remains the only mainland hub of the coalition, with the potential to win up to 10 seats nationwide.

National support for the coalition fell by 3 points from the previous quarter to 38%.

Traditionally, Labor’s strongest state, Victoria, has experienced the greatest fluctuations in government, with Labor leading with a margin of 58/42 percent.

In Scott Morrison’s hometown of New South Wales, the coalition suffered a three-point variability, dropping primaries to 39%. It advances Labor 52/48 on a bilateral preference basis.

Government support fell by 2 points to 37% following a defeat in Western Australia’s historic state elections. On a bilateral preference basis, the Commonwealth Labor Party leads 54/46, down 9 points since the 2019 elections.

Queensland is the last location of the coalition, with a 55/45% lead and key support unchanged from the previous quarter.

South Australia has emerged as a government hope spot, with support for the coalition rising 3 points to 40%, but still lagging behind the Labor Party on a bilateral preference basis: 47 / 53%.

That’s because part-time blue-collar, non-higher-educated low- and middle-income workers have shifted their support from coalition to work.

According to Newspoll’s analysis, the approval rating of non-higher education voters has dropped from 43% to 38%.

Voters who have benefited most from budget tax cuts, those with incomes of $ 50,000 to $ 99,000, are also turning their backs on the government.

Support for the group dropped from 42% to 38%, while support for workers increased from 5 points to 40%.

Women have also left the coalition, with approval ratings dropping from 41% to 37%.

Morrison’s performance fell 9 points in the previous survey to 48%, with a national net approval rate of zero.

at first Blue-collar workers shift government support to win up to 10 seats

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Newspoll: Scott Morrison faces a difficult election campaign

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