Newsman treated everyone equally, including packers

As soon as he left the army, he rejoined Daily mirror Before the stint The Daily Telegraph, He played as a rampage advance in the Journalist Cup.He is headhunted Daily mirror..

Soldier Paul

In 1971, he and Robin proudly announced the birth of his son, Simon, who was born the day Manley first played Waringa in his first local derby. Two years later, Robin gave birth to Haley – they now had a pair of their pigeons.

In September 1978, Paul became one of the earliest newspaper reporters to jump into television news, leaving print.He left Daily mirror Started as Chief of Staff of the Sydney Channel TEN Newsroom. He quickly gained a great sense of news, a cheeky sense of humor, and, to a lesser extent, a reputation as a lover of his teddy bear hugs.

Poaching him wasn’t long when Kerry Packer’s Nine Network joined his great companions Brian Henderson, Laurie Oakes, and Robert Penfold. He is also responsible for discovering new talents like Liz Hayes and Peter Overton. He eventually became the national news director of the network under the news guru Peter Meakin.

Communicating the news in a balanced, accurate and ethical way was a great love after Paul’s family. On one famous occasion, Kerry Packer called Paul and demanded the use of a Channel Nine helicopter for his personal use. Paul flatly refused, saying it was necessary for an urgent news job. It was Paul Fen. It didn’t matter who you were. He treated everyone equally.

In 1988 Paul’s world collapsed. Robin died in August as a result of melanoma a few years ago. By losing his soulmate, the pain never went away. He never remarried. For the next 20 years, as a father, he raised Simon and Haley to keep up with the news promises.

As he approached the age of 60 and became two grandfathers, Paul retired and spent more time with his growing family. After more than two years of fighting cancer, Paul Fen died peacefully at home with Simon and Haley. He also leaves his grandchildren Macy, Nave, Cooper, Esther, Selenium, and Bill.

If COVID-19 restrictions allow, the monument will be held at Manly’s Steyne Hotel.

Newsman treated everyone equally, including packers

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