News Corporation’s crazy claim is global warming!

News Corp. newspaper suddenly insisted The earth is warming For human activity – wait for it –.

The world’s largest news organization has hit the ridiculous Rooney Left Australian, Telegraph, NS Herald Sun, And that The sky is falling news.

This goes against the number of years News Corporation has spent demonstrating that climate change is being caused by ABC.

A spokeswoman explained the turmoil: “Some fools have turned our coffee into Fair Trade organic decaffeinated.”

The sudden backflip of News Corp’s bourgeoisie agitprop has no unscientific meaning.

“As long as the next man is one of us, we are as confused as the next man,” the editor said.

In protest, excited agitators Andrew Bolt and Chris Kenny were trapped in Archie Bunker.

However, the term “global” refers to a circular Earth, so there are several ranks. This is a step to the left too.

This denial of climate change denial is reducing left-wing tat.

The Greens Spokes Bush has turned pale greenish. “After defeating Kevin Rudd’s horribly wise carbon pollution reduction program, I thought the climate change law was a thing of the past. Tch.”

A new free march spokesperson was seen but not heard

Finally, the Anti-Vaxxer Anti-Lockdown Anti-Pro-Anti Movement has hired a mysterious and clear spokesperson.

But he refuses to talk to the media.

They have decided that the movement does not speak louder than words, so they are putting money in the mouth.

The spokesman was rumored to be a little hazy. Before he hits his face.

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a desperate lunge for relevance!

DC Comics has announced that their next generation of Superman will emerge as bisexual.

The pigtails attached to comic fans predict future editions and also reveal that Superman will be popping up as LGBTQIA +.

“If Superman can do anything, he can do anything. His new superpower will cancel anyone who triggered him,” he said.

Sadly, the awakening stops there.

“Superman remains a super-privileged white man, and he is invincible, so it is impossible to hurt him.”

In other news …

  • College students defend freedom of speech [WITHIN STRICT GUIDELINES]
  • GEN-Z activists claim that the 20th century “makes me uncomfortable”
  • Time stitches cause black holes
  • The government promises to reduce emissions whatever works for Burnaby
  • Craft beer microbrewery fails pub test

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News Corporation’s crazy claim is global warming!

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