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The Premier League is back with a two-week international football focus. Many teams want to solve the creeping problem before the break begins.

Harry Kane wants a nasty start of the season behind him, but Manchester United has a lot to work on before a tough match.

This week’s set piece is everything …

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Annual cane cycle

As the season began, Harry Kane struggled to score in the first six weeks of the season, raising questions that he was a wonder for the first, second and fifth seasons, he scored many goals and why everyone in the first place. I wonder if I should ask him. ..

Then the cycle repeats.

But this year is a little different. August wasn’t the only time his struggle lied in September, as proved to be barren for Kane. So far, October looks the same.

So what is the reason behind it? The Spurs were a little stupid because they weren’t running without money, as they had a long break as they tried to push the move to Manchester City following a hangover from the euro, which was emotionally and physically exhausted. I saw.

Since Mauricio Pochettino was at the Spurs, Kane has benefited from intense club conditioning, pushing him to the peak of his body and staying there year after year. Mourinho was as demanding as his predecessor was about personal fitness, and Kane returned some of the best numbers ever in a spurs shirt last year.

It’s up to Nuno Espirito Santo to bring him back to that level. Otherwise, the players, the team, and ultimately the manager himself will all suffer.

“Don’t panic,” he said after a draw with Hungary on Wednesday morning (AEDT). “I’m confident in myself and I’m confident in the team I’m playing.”

He may be confident, but what went down when England was looking for a winner tells us everything he needs to know where he is now.

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All Goals When Australia Fall to Japan | 01:15

OLE’s work has become even more difficult

The last thing he had to return to after an international break was an injury nightmare, as the knife had already begun to come out for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer from several corners of the media and Manchester United’s fan base. bottom.

Captain Harry Maguire has already gone out and now his new central defense partner, Raphaël Varane, is lined up with him in the treatment room instead of on the pitch.

It’s not an ideal way to start a match starting in Leicester this weekend before playing against Liverpool, Tottenham, Manchester City, Chelsea and Arsenal in six of the next seven Premier League matches.

Manchester United have played the kindest match of their rivals so far this season and haven’t played any of the top eight teams so far this season.

The overall control of Solskjar at this level has been questioned as his tactics cannot survive mustard over and over again. Did he use United as much as possible? Maybe, but the club doesn’t seem to think so yet.

This series of matches can be successful or unsuccessful for Solskger and does not play United’s identifiable way of playing, but his record for the traditional “Big Six” is his record for tough opponents. It suggests that one-time tactics are usually pretty good.

The next seven games have the potential to define the future of players such as United season, Solskger’s career, and Paul Pogba, who talks freely with other clubs in January. There is no pressure at that time.

Full Stitch WORLDIE after Penalty Confusion | 00:56

Blues short goodbye?

Newcastle United’s wealthiest new club in the world first appeared on the field as millions of millionaires when Tottenham arrived at St. James’ Park, rather than the few millionaire peasants they were for the rest. To do.

The stadium should bounce off with excitement, but it can quickly become toxic if the Spurs lead early.

Despite all their new money, this is the same team currently suffering 19th place at the table with 3 points from the previous 7 games this season. And for now, with the same manager.

Steve Bruce has no illusion that he will be dismissed as the next Premier League coach. His remaining time is even shorter than the average lifespan of a Watford manager, who traditionally lasts only a few games.

Newcastle needs to stay in the Premier League this season to be able to sign the players they want. To do that, you need a manager. You can attract some kind of star in the January window. They will stay in the league and kick next season.

In a nutshell from Fall Out Boy, this weekend’s game might be “not that great, but thank you for your memories.”

Despite all the controversy over it, this is a new era for Newcastle United and seems to begin with a £ 320 billion ax sway.

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SALAH SNUBBED-Now he has a chance of revenge

Mo Salah hasn’t won a Premier League player this month since March 2018. This is a notable rut, given that he has been one of the most consistent scorers in the league since then, if not a player. 22 goals and 5 assists in 37 games last season, 19 and 10 assists in 34 games last season. But he hasn’t claimed its prestigious silverware since winning this award three times in the 2017-18 season.

When the Reds were undefeated last month, he played against Leeds, Crystal Palace and Brentford, scoring first-century goals in the Premier League, especially in Liverpool.

But that wasn’t enough, as Cristiano Ronaldo picked up the gong in the first month of his return to England’s top flight. Ronaldo won the net three times in three games, but lost 1-0 at Old Trafford and was unable to face Aston Villa.

It was his first such award since March 2008-but it didn’t work with some Premier League fans.

Fortunately for Salah, his October began brilliantly with goals and assists for the city. This weekend he won Watford. He recorded a hat-trick the last time he won the Player of the Month award in March 2018, doubling in 2019.

Watford hopes that the appointment of Leicester hero Claudio Ranieri will give them an immediate boost, but Sarah is still chasing a big deal extension, but to the Liverpool owners his You will be encouraged to remind yourself of your incredible goal scoring skills.

Then there will be a clash with Ronaldo’s United next weekend. It has the right to brag and can even be the top of the ladder. If you need more inspiration in your shootout, that’s it.

Lucky Lukaku needs change

Romelu Lukaku finished five Chelsea goalless runs in all tournaments and scored a goal against France in the Nations League with France, but there is a reason why Bruce hasn’t scored recently.

“The way I was built-I’m pretty big-everyone thinks I’m a kind of target man: just a poacher of goals with the ball,” he said in an interview with UEFA. ..

“But I’ve never played that way and I hate it. My biggest strength is that it’s dangerous when heading to the goal, because it’s rare for me to make the wrong choice. Because there isn’t. “

For Chelsea, he was forced to play backwards too often. Especially for the defensive side, who sits deep and leaves no space for Lukaku to run behind.

Still, he has played nine games in Chelsea and scored four goals. Making the most of his amulet signature is very important to Brentford for Thomas Tuchel – if he plays, that’s the case.

France wins the Nations League championship | 02:26

Lukaku and German defender Antonio Rudiger have emerged from an international break with fear of injury. Lukaku missed the bronze medal match against Italy in the Belgian Nations League due to muscular fatigue. Rudiger suffered a back injury and not only missed training in Germany, but also suffered a clash with North Macedonia as a “precautionary measure”. This was a serious headache for Tuchel, and Brazilian defender Thiago Silva also played against Brentford after returning from an international mission too late.

However, while Engoro Cante returned to full training this week, Reece James was able to recover from an ankle injury he suffered against Manchester last month.

And there is better news for Tuchel who can solve his Lukaku problem. Frequently criticized Timo Werner scored twice, beating North Macedonia 4-0 in an international break. Meanwhile, Chelsea teammate Kai Havertz was also on the scoresheet. Werner also faced Southampton in Chelsea’s final match. This is his first league goal since April 24th. If he can continue the scoring form, Tuchel will not be too worried without Lukaku and will surely enhance the depth of future ladder leaders. ..

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