Newcastle TAFE students produce documentary about wildlife in Lake Macquarie | Newcastle Herald

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Is it a documentary, a mockumentary, or a duck mentality? Glen Fredericks of Adamstown Heights tells topics that TAFE screen and media students are creating a documentary on wildlife selection in and around Lake Macquarie. It’s kind of like a mockumentary, but it could have been rock-like. Glenn is part of the crew along with fellow students Brit Dorset, Natalie Clover, Nicola Yokanovich and Hunter Karl. “The good old Australian comedy will be studded and will steer towards the mockumentary genre,” said Brit of Rathmines. Now that the blockade is over, the students are keen to return to campus and get their teeth into the Certificate 4 project. “We were starting to think we had to resign from doing rock,” Glenn jokingly said. Once complete, the movie will be available on Speaking of ducks, councilor Giacomo Arnot made an urgent motion at the Port Stephens Council on Tuesday to condolence the ducks in Fernbay. “There have been several car accidents on Nelson Bay Road in Fern Bay in recent months,” the motion said. Community members were concerned that at least one of them was “because the duck family crossed the road.” The motion said the same duck family that caused the recent crash was “later run over while trying to cross the road.” Thus, the motion expressed “condolences for the local duck population in Fernbay.” The motion called for the council to write a letter to the New South Wales Department of Transportation and urgent action to put signs on the roads. “I enjoyed the motion a bit,” Giacomo added to the topic, “the ducks are cute.” “I always wanted ducks, but I have chickens. My girlfriend Ruby doesn’t let me have ducks. She cares for them and how they interact with chickens. I don’t know if it works, “he said. Said. Topic: “Are she a little worried about the duck-chicken conflict?” Giacomo: “Apparently they’re doing pretty well, but she’s just not sure.” Targeting White Haven Coal Picnic protests were held Wednesday in Sydney and Ganeda. The protests featured “free scones baked from wheat grown in the Namoi Valley.” The demonstrators shared a scone baked with flour grown 20 kilometers south of the paddock, saying White Haven “wants to carve for coal,” the Rock the Gate Alliance said. The Sydney protest picnic began at Deutsche Bank’s Sydney office. “Because financial institutions play a key role in the process of arranging $ 2 billion to help White Haven build three new mines.” Nic Clyde of the Lock the Gate Alliance said companies like Whitehaven Coal “should not pursue dangerous coal mining and expansion.” “We say scones are much tastier than the 1.38 gigatons of new greenhouse gas emissions that White Haven will generate by building three new coal mining projects as the climate crisis worsens,” he says. Told. “You can’t eat coal. We should cook scones, not planets.”


Newcastle TAFE students produce documentary about wildlife in Lake Macquarie | Newcastle Herald

Source link Newcastle TAFE students produce documentary about wildlife in Lake Macquarie | Newcastle Herald

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