Newcastle Knights hasn’t lost sleep with speculation that the new NRL club could plunder Karimponga.Newcastle Herald

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Knights CEO Phil Gardner says he is not worried about losing the marqueeful back Kalyn Ponga to the new Brisbane franchise in 2023 as the NRL approaches to announce details of the growing competition. ARL Committee Chair Peter V’landys will meet with 16 existing clubs tomorrow to discuss the latest expansions. The enhanced broadcast contract from Foxtell is reported to be worth an additional $ 100 million over five years for the new 17. -Rubber stamps are stamped on team competition. There is a suggestion that an official announcement about the new 17th club may be made by the end of this month. Redcliffe Dolphins love to nod. Gardner says the Knights are fine in supporting the expansion proposal as long as the club doesn’t get worse in the hip pocket. “I don’t know why everyone says no, as long as it’s financially beneficial to all clubs,” Gardner told Newcastle Herald. “The general reaction from everyone on this issue was” show me the money. ” We haven’t seen the suggestion yet, but if we’re going to get better, it’s definitely going to be good for the game. It’s good for everyone. If so, it’s hard to see it knocked back. ” Gardner is undoubtedly expanding the player market with new clubs coming in and starting from scratch, but he’s not convinced that high-end marquee stars will be the main beneficiaries. And he states that the Red Cliff side, coached by Wayne Bennett in 2023 or 2024, has not lost sleep on the potential threat of poaching Ponga. “We’re putting an additional $ 10 million on the market for our players, so the player market will definitely grow,” he said. “But what I believe is that inflation will be around those players in the middle, rather than inflating the prices of the top marquee players that are reported.” Currently $ 200,000. Players who are paid will potentially get $ 350,000 or $ 400,000, which will be a great opportunity. Or, a $ 350,000 player will have a chance to win $ 500,000-they will be the real winners I believe. I believe it will be a competition. “Marquee players aren’t already winning the top dollars because they’re at the top. I don’t think they can afford to pay any more because they prevent them from building a competitive team. You do. “Ponga will make more than $ 1 million in seasons over the next three years at Knights, so you’ll probably need a big offer from the club to praise him at the end of next season. However, the fact that Star Fullback has long consistently won the Premiership and wanted to win in Newcastle hastened Knights officials to leave the club to join his rivals. That’s why I’m sure it’s not. “As far as I am concerned, he will be here until the end of 2024 and at least until then,” Gardner said. “People will keep asking me about KP, and I keep saying the same. I won’t lose an ounce of sleep with it. I’m not worried at all.” This of his career At the stage, he wants to win the Premiership. He told us that. That’s his motivation and he wants to do it in Newcastle. He is consistent about it. “Now, in my view, you’re not going to win a short-term premiere to a brand new club starting from scratch.” We’re a rising club that has made some great progress over the last two years. And we have great aspirations. KP is clearly a big part of these plans. Gardner said the potential for further expansion in the future would be the next move for the NRL. I think another aspect of New Zealand is a clear place to go to reach 18 teams in the future. “


Newcastle Knights hasn’t lost sleep with speculation that the new NRL club could plunder Karimponga.Newcastle Herald

Source link Newcastle Knights hasn’t lost sleep with speculation that the new NRL club could plunder Karimponga.Newcastle Herald

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