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Newcastle Jet has been supported by demand for season tickets to reunite with fans after a two-season plunge due to the coronavirus pandemic. Jets executive chairman Shane Mattiske said the interest of season ticket holders was encouraged, despite not knowing when the season would begin or when spectators could take part in the match at McDonald Jones Stadium. .. “I’m already really happy with the response to my membership,” Mattiske told Newcastle Herald. “In terms of numbers, it’s probably two months ahead of last year.” The final decision on the draw with the team is still underway and we look forward to the launch of the new jersey. A series of seasons interrupted by the pandemic hit New Jersey’s home ground attendance and season ticket sales. Two years ago, Jet reached about 11,000 members, but last season’s average home spectator dropped to 4056 per game. This is the worst ever. This decline was not a New Jersey-specific dilemma. Overall, all A-League clubs were financially struggling due to the number of spectators. Limitations. The time it takes to return to normal is unknown. At this stage, A-League officials were unable to release the draw because it was unclear when and where they could play the game. In some situations, fans may be allowed to sit down to see how they are sitting e Situations unfold. But Mattiske said all the signs are that jet fans are excited about how their revamped team works under the new coach Arthur Papas. “We already have more than 35,000 members and the season is probably just a few months old,” he said. As a result, we are making good progress toward significant improvements compared to last year. “We have moved to a membership model that allows children to enter for free, so membership in our family is more valuable than ever.“ Being a Jets member is a great value for any family. This is an offer. ”Jets’“new start ”after the ex-owner Martin Lee’s license expired nine months ago. “Arthur Papas has a new coach that brings a whole different style of play.” I’m looking for it, “he said. “This is a very different team, but I think it’s a strong team.” I’m sure it will be a great year for Jets. All the signs from fans and members are that they are lagging behind. Jets veteran Jason Hoffman said playing in front of the crowd meant “absolutely everything” for the player. “Playing in an empty stadium without fans lacks a big element of the game,” Hoffman said. What makes a game? After all, we are in the entertainment business and want to offer interesting products. “


Newcastle Jet supported by season ticket holders | Newcastle Herald

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