Newcastle Hospitality Workers Celebrate End of Mask Wear at Work | Newcastle Herald


Lenny Harris can’t wait to throw away the mask. After learning that the government would remove the vaccinated hospitality mask rules, Happy Wonbat restaurant workers said, “Because it gets very hot and your face is where most of your senses are. The staff from December 15th said, “When your face gets hot, your whole body gets hot.” “I’m so sweaty that I can’t hear people talking when I’m talking.” Due to a change announced Thursday, QR code check-in will be available at hospitals, nursing homes, gyms, churches and beauty after December 15th. Only needed in high-risk areas such as hospitals, beauty salons, pubs, small bars, registered clubs and nightclubs. Most companies do not require vaccination certification. Ms. Harris said the end of the vaccination check would make the staff’s life easier. “If we have only two people, one is in the coffee maker and we have to rush to the door to check the vaccinations of the people. It’s a lot of work.” Addition just to check the vaccinations. I need someone. Happy Wombat owner Luke Tyrs said the new rules are “great.” Customers who have not been vaccinated at the venue without the need to wear masks, “he said. That is what killed the trade. “We’re already pretty well on track, but we’re hoping that confidence will return to the economy as the visuals are no longer seen around the street.” Bob Hawes, CEO of Hunter Business. He said it could “take a little longer” to welcome unvaccinated patrons due to workplace health and safety concerns. Mick Starkey, a hotel owner in Newcastle, said his staff were “extremely excited” at the end of the mask at work. “I’m one of them, don’t worry,” he said. “Wearing a mask is a barrier to hospitality in that it creates a personality and a wonderful environment. That’s great news.” Starkey said the high vaccination rate exposes staff to the virus too much. He said he was confident that this would not be the case, but he remained “uneasy” about the future given the growing number of cases in Europe. Wayne Stewart, who runs the Lemon Grove Hotel in Wallsend, welcomed the new rules and said the change in premiere “speeded things up.” “The overall purpose of vaccination was to get back to normal,” he said. The government has begun the second round of Dine & amp ;. Find a voucher on Friday. Two $ 25 vouchers will be automatically displayed, SMS or emailed to people’s Service NSW apps from now to early December. In News Our journalists are working hard to bring the latest news in the region to the community. To continue to access trusted content:


Newcastle Hospitality Workers Celebrate End of Mask Wear at Work | Newcastle Herald

Source link Newcastle Hospitality Workers Celebrate End of Mask Wear at Work | Newcastle Herald

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