Newcastle Council publishes report on CrAllan Robinson’s violation of Code of Conduct | Newcastle Herald

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NEWCASTLE councilor Allan Robinson called the mayor “fatso,” another councilor a “big chunky woman,” and a gay councilor named “custard,” reports of violations of the Code of Conduct revealed. .. A Newcastle city councilor voted in a confidential session on Tuesday night and last year released a report of an independent investigation condemned by Cr Robinson. Labor councilors accused Cr Robinson of “homophobic abuse” and “disgusting sexism and misogyny,” and called on Newcastle Independent to abandon him from tickets for this year’s council elections. The partially edited report outlines a series of violations of the Code of Conduct, but also reveals offensive comments made by Cr Robinson during an interview with investigators, making statements that caused complaints in the first place. I’m doubling it. Asked why he called the mayor “Fatso” in an email to the payer, Cr Robinson replied: The cost of Congress to put on makeup every time. ” He also said that Cr Carol Duncan is a “big chunky woman” and a “f–king unit” with “blocker roach-like legs”. Herald chose not to publish some of his comments. Cr Robinson, who was absent from the meeting on Tuesday, told Herald last year when the report was released, “I didn’t really care.” He said yesterday that he regrets the interview comment “if he hurt someone.” “It should have been said, probably not, no,” he said. “Someone wants my mother to say that, but I don’t.” Cr Nelmes said on Wednesday that she received “disgusting and abominable misogyny and sexism from Allen Robinson.” She said she “had a terrible impact” on her family. A report study edited by Australian Workplace Training & amp; was “actively” published by the Council in accordance with the 2009 Government Information (Public Access) Act, CEO Jeremy Bass said on Tuesday’s secret. Said after the session. The section has been edited to protect the petitioner. He states that in mid-2019 there were two code of conduct complaints about Cr Robinson. Eight alleged code violations were investigated and all but one were substantiated. The details of the unfounded are edited as well as the name of the person who made one of the complaints. Cr Clausen made another one. All code violations are related to previously reported incidents, such as Cr Robinson, who created the homophobic slur, such as calling Cr Clausen a “custard” in conferences and the media, and statements about Crs Nelmes and Duncan. Cr Robinson was also found to be in breach of the Code of Conduct for comments at Herald and The Guardian in July 2019. He told the media, “I have no problem with Pouf … I’m very fine. He said,” A friend with three Poufs. ” Cr Clausen said the homophobic abuse he suffered was “merciless.” “This would be unacceptable in other workplaces, but Robinson can continue to be a councilor … and can seek re-election in favor of John Church and Newcastle Independent. [s]Independent and CrLuke (LIB) are understood to have voted against the release of the report. CrChurch said he could not comment on the issue of confidential sessions. He chose not to comment on his own support for Cr Robinson. If his actions are “useless,” he will “leave the Newcastle Independent Councilor.” The local government bureau has concluded that “the problem has not reached the threshold of seriousness needed to justify the referral,” the report said. “For actions under the provisions of illegal activity [Local Government] The OLG believed that the council blaming Cr Robinson would “take appropriate corrective action.” CrDuncan said it was embarrassing. People will be dismissed if such behavior occurs in other workplaces. “I want to see more women, more diverse people coming to government, especially local governments … but I have to be relieved when I go to work.” News: Our journalists say We are working hard to bring the latest local news to the community. To continue to access trusted content:



Newcastle Council publishes report on CrAllan Robinson’s violation of Code of Conduct | Newcastle Herald

Source link Newcastle Council publishes report on CrAllan Robinson’s violation of Code of Conduct | Newcastle Herald

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