Newcastle and Hunter Warn Storm Against “Probably Giant Hail” | Newcastle Herald

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The storm is expected to hit hunters on Thursday afternoon, including “probably a giant hail.” The Meteorological Department issued several warnings to the area, including a 5 cm hail near the Wyandala Dam at around 3:15 pm. Around the same time, a slightly smaller hail stone hit the Blue Mountains. “The Meteorological Department has warned that a heavy thunderstorm was detected on weather radar near Wollongong, Liverpool, Penrith and West Wallsend at 3:35 pm,” the department’s warning said. “These thunderstorms are heading southeast, affecting Parramatta, Sutherland, Newcastle and Belmont by 4:05 pm and to Sydney Airport, Sydney Olympic Park and Ride by 4:35 pm It is expected to have an impact. ”Golburn also thunderstormed, and in 30 minutes it rained 24 mm. Did you see a storm? Send your photo to State emergency services advise you to: * Secure or tidy loose things around your home, garden or balcony. * Keep at least 8 meters away from falling power lines, fences, and other potentially energized objects. * Report the dropped power line to either Ausgrid (131 388), Endeavor Energy (131 003), Essential Energy (132 080), or Evoenergy (131 093) as shown in the electricity charges. * Fire-damaged trees become more unstable and more likely to fall. * Keep away from streams and storm drains. * Do not walk, ride a bicycle or drive in flood waters. * If you get caught in flash floods, evacuate to as high a place as possible and ring 000 if you need help. * Please note that rainfall spills in fire-affected areas behave differently and can be faster. It may also contain debris such as ash, soil, trees and rocks. * After a forest fire, heavy rain and loss of leaves make the ground soft and heavy, increasing the likelihood of landslides. * Unplug your computer and appliance. * Do not use the phone during the storm. * Keep indoors away from windows and keep children and pets indoors. * Be vigilant and monitor the condition. Please note that the landscape may have changed after the wildfire. * For emergency assistance in floods and storms, call SES (NSW and ACT) at 132 500.


Newcastle and Hunter Warn Storm Against “Probably Giant Hail” | Newcastle Herald

Source link Newcastle and Hunter Warn Storm Against “Probably Giant Hail” | Newcastle Herald

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