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New Zealand Possum holds a female “hostage” in her home | New Zealand

Possum released for free after taking a woman “hostage” at home. new Zealand The police say.

Police officers received a call late Sunday night from a suffering woman who said “Possum is holding a hostage” at her home in the South Island city of Dunedin.

“As she left the house and tried to reach the car, Possum rushed into her and she fled inside,” said Snr Sgt Craig Dinnissen.

As the police arrived and approached the front door, the boy Possum came out of the darkness and climbed the policeman’s feet. Dinissen suspected that it was an escaped pet or that he had recently been separated from his mother.

After arresting the suspect, police delivered Possum to a nearby surveillance spot, Signal Hill, and released it into the wild “to prevent further harassment of civilians.” According to Dinesen, there was no harm to Possum or the police.

But while Dunedin’s population may be reassured again, New Zealand’s native birds, insects and trees are not.

Possums had a devastating effect on bird life, competing for food and habitat resources, climbing nests and eating eggs and young birds.They also destroyed native trees, especially rātā, totara, tītoki, kōwhai And kohe kohe.

Marsupials were first introduced from Australia to New Zealand in 1837, establishing a fur trade that never took off. The number of possums has exploded due to the absence of natural predators other than cats and the presence of animal and plant smorgas boards that are vulnerable to predators. A 2009 Landcare survey estimates that the population is over 47 million.

New Zealand Possum holds a female “hostage” in her home | New Zealand

Source link New Zealand Possum holds a female “hostage” in her home | New Zealand

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