New wireless communication circular and strategy

This strategy is the key operation needed to improve service delivery to front-line emergency and public security workers, streamline government wireless communications assets, and provide value to the NSW State Government from 2015 to 2025. Shows models, principles, and actions.

We work with key agencies to determine long-term communications that need to be included in strategy development.

Meanwhile, the government has approved a new circulation to replace the Prime Minister’s Memorandum of Understanding OFS-2014-02-NSW State Government Wireless Communication Strategy Circular It provides institutions with guidance to ensure that their wireless and related communications investments, plans, and spectral licensing decisions are in line with the future direction of the sector.

New arrangements to approve large spending on wireless and related communications infrastructure and services

Treasury The Treasury Circular sets out a set of steps to guide government agencies in planning investment activities to align with the overall direction of the sector, unless exempted.

Circular has established a new approval process for agencies wishing to invest in the following categories:

  • Heavy spending on new wireless assets and commercial services ($ 500,000 or more)
  • For a new site or a new tower on the site, regardless of cost.

It also describes when an agency wants to purchase radio-related services without using an existing panel contract.

New wireless communication circular and strategy

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