New South Wales vax law controversy will be heard together

A police officer who disputes the rationality of the vaccine mandate has postponed her proceedings with two other similar appeals in a court in New South Wales.

Belinda Hocroft, senior police officer at the Mount Unit of the New South Wales Police Force, bans the New South Wales Supreme Court from working outside the local council area before receiving a single COVID-19 vaccine. I requested that the law be invalidated.

A public health order affecting thousands of authorized workers in designated hotspots came into effect on Thursday.

Only licensed, unvaccinated workers who have booked vaccinations before September 19th or have a medical contraindication certificate are exempt.

Police are concerned about the long-term effects of the vaccine and said they would like to wait for more information.

She argued that Health Minister Brad Hazard was not reasonably satisfied that the order was needed because the previous order allowed the authorized workers to move around as long as they were tested negative. ing.

Exemption for future vaccine reservations is also “not rational” to the risk of COVID-19 infection.

Judge Robert Beach Jones refuses to list the matter for trial by September 30, admitting that Senior Police Officer Hocroft is currently unable to work and is ready to carry out her proceedings. bottom.

It was to be able to sit and listen to it for two days along with two other broader challenges to the Minister of Health’s public health order.

The judge noted on Thursday the minister’s authority to issue health orders: “Hocroft could be heard earlier, but keep in mind the public interest of not having competing decisions within the scope of Section 7.” Said.

“I think the problem is inevitable.”

Other challenges by Al-Munir Kassam and Natasha Henry attack other elements of vaccine obligations.

Common to all three cases is the allegation that Congress did not intend to give the Minister of Health “the power to violate physical integrity” without explicit legislative instructions, the court said. It was told.

The Henry and Qassam proceedings also attempt to show that the law is an improper purpose, a violation of privacy, a breach of natural justice, and that the Minister considered irrelevant issues in writing the law.

Mr Hazard defends each case and will submit a statement from the Deputy Chief Health Officer to uphold his public health order.

More than 50,000 people watched the hearing on the court’s YouTube channel after the link was heavily shared on the Telegram channel.

Kassam’s barrister, Peter E King, has proposed having the Court of Appeals answer three legal issues, as may occur in some insurance issues.

Going to the validity of Mr. Hazard’s order in the light of the explicit prohibition of the Australian Constitution regarding the use of medical service authority to “approve all forms of conscription.”

However, Judge Buna Jones was a dissatisfied answer to resolving the case at hand.

The court also heard about a fourth proceeding filed by self-proclaimed plaintiff Sergei Naumenko.

“There are so many problems with this case that it’s hard to know where to start,” said Jeremy Kirk SC of New South Wales.

“There is no nominated defendant and no explicit legal claim. Rather, it is a kind of completely misunderstood, to a large extent, such as Order 2’s proposal that plaintiffs and their close relatives be exempt from microchips. There is an ambitious command of .. “.

NSW’s application to dismiss Mr. Naumenko’s proceedings will be heard on September 30.

New South Wales vax law controversy will be heard together

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